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Дариун (ダリューン, Daryun) ― один из главных героем романа серии героическое Сказание об Арслане. Ранее был высокопоставленным офицером, сейчас же убран с поста. Его новая миссия — защита и служение Арслану. Дариун и Арслан быстро становятся близкими друзьями, сам Дариун считает мальчика своим князем. Его боевые навыки считаются легендарными во многих краях.


Daryun is a stern, stoic, and inexplicably loyal man. He has utmost loyalty to King Andragoras and to his son Arslan, and is willing to risk his life for either of them. Daryun is also shown to have a strong sense of morality as when he has stated that he has never "stricken a man who is not on his horse." Even Farangis has gone far enough as to comment about how soft-hearted Daryun is, to which he agrees. Though he may be ruthless when faced with his enemies on the battlefield, Daryun is also shown to be a kind-hearted man, especially when he is around those who he cares for deeply. He remains calm and level-headed throughout most of the difficulties he faces, and is not quick to anger.


Daryun is described as a handsome man, and has long, black hair which, in the 2013 manga and anime adaptations, he keeps in a low ponytail. He has narrow eyes and thin eyebrows. In the 1991 manga adaptation, Daryun is shown with shorter hair and is down rather than tied. His eyes are less narrow than his 2013 counterpart and his eyebrows appear somewhat thicker as well. Daryun in the beginning is shown wearing a dark grey, sleeveless tunic and dark pants. His battle armour in the 2013 manga and anime adaptation consists of mainly black, save for the inner part of his cloak being a dark red. In the 1991 manga, the cover art of volume two shows a similar cloak design to that of the 2013 adaptation, yet the armour itself has more a metallic sheen as opposed to the latter depictions of his armour.



Daryun's charge and prince, he is loyal to Arslan to a fault. He is extremely protective of his prince, willing to risk his life to protect Arslan. This is reciprocated by Arslan, as he is exceptionally protective of Daryun, even threatening someone for the first time in his life when they cause the possibility of Daryun being hurt. At first, Daryun is mainly loyal to Arslan because he is his prince and his uncle Vahriz asked him to look after him, but after traveling with Arslan, Daryun grew loyal to Arslan as a person and does not care if he is the prince of Pars or not; he will protect him not because it is his job, but because he is Arslan. Their relationship is highly reminiscent of Alexander the Great and Haphaestion.