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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 17 (Pars era 321)
Status Alive
Country Pars
Relatives Heyrtash (Father)
Merlane (Brother)
Manga Chapter 28
Anime Episode 12 (TV Anime)
Voice Actor
Japanese Yūko Sasaki (Casette Book)
Kumiko Watanabe (OVA Series)
Manami Numakura (TV Anime)
English Gwen Jenkins (OVA, Manga UK dub)
Jād Saxton (TV Anime)
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Alfarīd (アルフリード Arufurīdo? ) is one of the main characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. She is the daughter of the Zot Clan leader Heyrtash.


Anime/2013 MangaEdit

She has short red hair and matching red eyes. She has two red markings on her cheeks, similar to other members of the Zott Tribe. She wears a blue scarf on her head. She wears a salmon colored shirt under her orange cape. She sports a metal spaulder on her left shoulder and her left arm is covered in metal decorations.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA, she has long light red hair.


She has a childish personality and is quick to anger. She is fearless can sometimes overestimate her own abilities, as shown when she tried to take on Hilmes even though she was greatly outmatched.

She tends to speak with rough tongue, but she often does so in order to disguise her considerate intention behind her action.

In Japanese, first-person singular pronoun she uses is "あたし Atashi". She uses "わたくし Watakushi" only when she is talking to Arslan.



Alfarīd shows a great interest in Narsus and claims to be his lover, despite Narsus' protests. She is very grateful to him for saving her from Hilmes.


Alfarīd bears a profound hatred for Hilmes, as he killed her father and also tried to kill her.


Elam and Alfarīd don't get along very well due to Alfarīd's casual attitude towards Narsus. Elam doesn't want her to get too close to Narsus and get in his way. Alfarīd engages in childish arguments with him.


As they're both girls, they seem to be comfortable around each other, as Alfarīd discussed with Farangis about her relationship with Narsus. Alfarīd doesn't seem to see Farangis as a rival for Narsus' affections, but does seem to envy her well-endowed figure.

Arslan Edit

Although Alfrīd is obsessed with being with Narsus, she does acknowledge Arslan. She believes Arslan will be able to do some incredible things, and she supports him in getting his kingdom back.


  • Her appearance in the anime did not change much from the OVA, maintaining her red hair, red eyes and blue scarf.
  • According to Silvermask, "Alfarīd" is a name for a lady of noble lineage.
  • According to Alfarīd, the Zot Clan never steals from the sick and the dead.[1]


  1. Chapter 29, Page 24


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