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Novel Arslan

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 14 (Pars era 320)
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Prince
Relatives Andragoras III (Father)
Tahamine (Mother)
Osroes (Uncle)
Hilmes (Cousin)
Physical Attributes
Height 160cm
Hair Color White/Light Blue (OVA Series)
Blonde (1991 Manga)
Silver (2013 Manga and Anime)
Eye Color Blue
Novel Book 1
Manga Chapter 1 (2013 Manga)
Anime Episode 1 (OVA Series)
Episode 1 (TV Anime)
Voice Actor
Japanese Kappei Yamaguchi (OVA Series)
Yūsuke Kobayashi (TV Anime)
English Ben Fairman (OVA Series, Manga Video Version)
Greg Baglia (OVA Series, CPM Version)
Aaron Dismuke (TV Anime)

Arslan (アルスラーン Arusurān? ) is the protagonist of the novel series, The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Pars, and the leader of the resistance against the invasion of the Empire of Lusitania.


Arslan's basic appearance is the same throughout the different adaptations: that of a fragile and weak boy, due to which people usually consider him a weakling. In all the adaptations of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, this character is depicted as an effeminate boy with long hair and blue eyes, whereas only the depiction of his hair color is changed frequently. His skin complexion is noticeably fair. Arslan was especially petite and feminine-looking at age eleven, but his body shape and height went on to flourish into that of well enough caliber at age fourteen. In the original novels, the Parsian knight Daryun remarks upon Arslan's countenance as being indisputably attractive, to such terms that the prince would attract the enamored affections of their country's noblewomen upon his physical culmination as an adult.


Time and time again, Arslan has proved himself as a very gentle and empathetic individual. He is kind to both his allies and enemies, and prefers not to engage in unnecessary conflict. However, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends, family and kingdom. Because of that he is often described as being odd. Despite his naivety and benevolence, the young prince is intelligent and has enough physical strength to hold his own in battle. Arslan is also shown to be inexplicably considerate and loving to those who are close to him, which even stretches to those he has spoken with briefly. As his journey progresses, he begins to become more thoughtful and wise despite his age, not only improving his strategical tactics but also coming to understand the many perspectives that come from different people. Though he is greatly sympathetic and caring to even those who have done him wrong, when any kind of harm is brought upon his most faithful companions such as Daryun, he is shown to be surprisingly unforgiving.

In Japanese, first-person singular pronoun he uses is "Watashi (私)".

Background Edit

His birthday is September 22 (or 29. There is a contradiction among volumes of the novel). Until 10-11, he was raised by a wet nurse and her husband who was a knight. Arslan was told that they died from food poisoning after drinking wine. He once had stayed in the palace when he became the crown prince at the age of 5, but before and after that, he lived outside the palace and studied at a private school.



Daryun is Arslan's personal trainer who originally serves him to an eminent fault. Daryun is immensely protective of Arslan and would give his life to protect him. Arslan also shows an intense protectiveness of Daryun, even threatening someone for the first time in his life when they cause the possibility of Daryun being hurt. Daryun at first serves Arslan because he is his prince and his uncle asked him to watch over him, but after traveling with Arslan, he comes to be loyal to him as a person and does not care if he is the Prince of Pars or not. Daryun is Arslan's closest companion and the two value each other greatly. As might be rather aptly expected, Daryun's loyalty as the prince's knight is eventually shaped into an exclusive fealty for Arslan and Arslan alone. His willingness to speak audaciously against the king for his political disparagement of Arslan in the Gilan arc clearly reveals this extent. The novels progress along into the later arcs with Daryun fashioning a slightly morbid tinge to said loyalty, when he avowed to purge Arslan's malignant enemies and even allies who would mean to do his liege harm.


Narsus is one of Arslan's companions. Arslan respects Narsus' intellect and values him greatly for his advice and strategies. Arslan promised to appoint Narsus as Court Painter once Pars has been reclaimed. Narsus finds Arslan interesting for his kindness and caring of other people and believes that Arslan will become a great king. Narsus sometimes places the young prince in precarious situations, such as when Hodir's slaves started hating Arslan and tried to kill him because he killed their master, so Arslan can learn things through experience.


Elam is one of his companions and is also the closest to him in terms of age. Arslan often attempts to help him with his chores, despite not being good at it, and Elam always tells him that he should let him handle the chores himself. Elam is touched by Arslan's kindness. At first, Elam looks down on him for his weak appearance, but grows to respect him as they travel together. When Narsus originally intended to send Elam away, Arslan was the one who insisted on bringing Elam with them, stating that only Elam could prepare delicious food for them to eat. Elam quickly develops a strong protectiveness for Arslan, offering him his bow during their confrontation with Kharlan to protect him in his stead as he stayed by his side in battle to ensure his safety. They share a strong friendship.

Andragoras and TahamineEdit

Andragoras III is Arslan's father and Tahamine is his mother. Arslan respects his parents, referring to them as "Lord Father" and "Lady Mother." His parents, however, do not reciprocate these feelings, and his mother is even more cold and distant to Arslan than she is to her husband, and his father is incredibly strict with him. Arslan is not their biological son, revealed to being adopted as the prince because Andragoras and Tahamine were unable to produce an heir. Since Arslan resembled Tahamine, they believed that could pass him off as their son.


Vahriz trained Arslan in sword-fighting, and gave him the attention his parents neglected to. Vahriz, while a strict teacher, was a kind, fatherly figure to Arslan. Arslan openly weeps over learning of his death and reprimands himself for only ever complaining during his lessons.


Gieve is in the company just so he can stay close to Farangis. At first, he doesn't really care about Arslan, but after Arslan risked his life to save Elam, Gieve became interested in Arslan because he is different from any other nobleman Gieve has met. Even though he doesn't really care about Arslan ascending the throne, he protects him because he is one of the company.

Etoile Edit

Etoile is a Lusitanian Soldier. When he was younger, Arslan was taken hostage by a recently-enslaved Etoile. Arslan was understanding throughout the experience, even helping Etoile escape and promising to find out about the other soldiers who had been enslaved. Etoile never realized who Arslan really was, instead believing that he was simply a young child of some rich Parsian. Interestingly enough, Arslan's exposure to the then innovative ideas of a young Etoile opened his mind to the variations of ideologies and cultures in the world. This interest in Etoile's words eventually incited the prince to further consider closing the hostile rift between Lusitania and Pars through realistic but peaceable means. However, in the source material, it is much later suggested by Narsus that Arslan does not and did not ever perceive Etoile as a prospective lover. He respected the Lusitanian girl as a competent knight and fine vessel of compassionate world ethics, but the growth she inspired in him did not burgeon forth romantic feelings. As for Etoile, it is unfortunately evinced that the ill-fated knight did indeed harbor affections for the king, despite the events that would transpire at the end of her latest character arc.


  • "Arslan" is the Turkish word meaning "Lion".
  • Arslan is fond of Azrael, one of Kishward's hawks.
  • Arslan is based on the character Arsalan, protagonist of the Persian epic Amir Arsalan.
  • His English voice actor is Aaron Dismuke, who voiced Alphonse Elric (2003) and Young Hohenheim (Brotherhood) in Fullmetal Alchemist, which is Hiromu Arakawa's most famous work.
  • “Even if he visits one country (woman) per night, it will take two months to tour around the world. That is tough.” is originally Arslan’s line concerning Gieve in a scene when he heard that there are beauties from 60 countries in Gilan. In anime, this line was told by Gieve.



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