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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend
Arslan- The Warriors of Legend PS4.jpg
PS4 Boxart
Arusurān Senki × Musō
Game Information
Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Koei
Genre Hack and slash
Game Modes Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings CERO: B
PEGI: 16
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One (Western only)
Release Date(s) Japan: October 1, 2015
North America: February 9, 2016
Europe: February 10, 2016

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend (アルスラーン戦記×無双 Arusurān Senki × Musō? ) is a Warriors/Musō-style action video-game based on Hiromu Arakawa's HLOA manga and developed by Koei Tecmo.


It was revealed in the June 2015 issue of Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine. It is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 systems on October 1, 2015 for Japan and will be available for the Xbox One (western release only) on February 9, 2016 in North America and February 12, 2016 in Europe. The PS3 release will be digital, while PS4 and Xbox One will have the game both digitally and at retail.

The producer is Shigeto Nakadai and Tomohiko Aoki is director. Nakadai commented that he, Koinuma, and Aoki are fans of the novels. Koinuma approached him to do the project since Nakadai and Aoki happened to finished other works at the same time. Nakadai was not aware of the TV series at first and was surprised to learn about it. He apologized for the delay and hopes that the quality revisions will please players.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Production Committee –the animation team for the TV series– are involved with production since the game is being made to appeal to viewers of the animated TV series. According to their development team, the x in the game's logo symbolizes searing warfare and is fashioned after Azrael's scar. The game's image colors are metallic gold and indigo blue to match the desert landscape and Arslan's eye color. Arslan: The Warriors of Legend will cover all twenty-five episodes.[1]


Normal attacks and charge attacks remain the same as other Warriors games.

  • While the player fights through stages, they will find a special area called "Heat Area". Press R2 while in these sections to perform a synchronized attack with the player's unit called "Mardan Rush". Rare conditions allow a chain of Mardan Rushes to be executed. Its effects vary on the troop type.
    • Cavalry - charges through enemy troops. Breaks down obstacles.
    • Infantry - unit thrusts spears forward. Attack in waves and moves with player character.
    • Archers - fires an arrow volley. Immobile projectile support.
  • The player must rely on Mardan Rushes to unlock the "Finish Area" –a designated section of the map which only appears during these attacks– to proceed with stages. If the player fails to proceed through the Finish Area in time, they have endless opportunities to retake.
  • Mardan Rushes have their designated gauges. Build up combos or KO chains to fill it up faster.
  • Characters can equip multiple weapons. Players can swap to the character's other weapon as soon as they obtain it in or out of battle. Weapons stats are random and can be strengthened to increase their efficiency.
  • If a character has two or more weapon types equipped, they can perform "Charge Shift". It swaps between the multiple weapons for a longer combo chain and adds a stronger finisher for their charge attacks. Enemies that are defeated by Charge Shift grant more experience and higher chances of rarer drops.
  • Martial arts books can be applied to weapons to further alter combo trees and status effects.
  • It is possible to use one character to unlock every possible weapon.
  • Experience levels up characters.
  • Skill cards can be dropped from foes. Characters can equip them to provide supplemental stats and abilities. Every character has a unique skill to themselves, and every card references a scene from the TV series. Over 200 cards are in the game.
  • Mounts are included with unique attacks.
  • Toon rendering is done to be faithful to the animated designs. Still images and animated sequences from the TV series shall appear in the game.
  • Online and offline co-op are available.


Story Mode[]

Battle briefings are omitted in favor of heavy in battle cutscenes and dialogue. Characters that can be played during this mode are automatically determined for the player during select intervals in battle.

Free Mode[]

Same as other Warriors titles.

Online Mode[]

Multiplayer mode.



Silvermask's Forces[]





Gameplay Mechanics[]

  • Mardan Rush[2]
  • Charge Swift[3] - From what is seen, a feature which involves the player to switch between two weapons involving damage dealt to the enemy.
  • Gaiden Scenario[4]
  • Elam Cuisine[5] - From what is seen, an extra feature involving either a special item or some sort of power up in the form of Elam's cooking.


  • Buying a new copy allows players to receive the Daryun "Lion Hunter" Costume and weapon serial code
  • The Treasure Box edition has a comprehensive development databook, an original soundtrack CD, a crystal frame and a cleaning cloth
  • Game pre-orders from Lawson/Loppi HMV give the players a Farangis Lawson costume serial code
  • onus content has been planned to tie into the TV series's DVD/Blu-ray releases

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