The Second Arslan Senki Manga is written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa based on Yoshiki Tanaka's novel series and serialized in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine magazine. The chapters are later compiled in tankōbon volumes which are published by Kodansha under their Shōnen Magazine Comics imprint. It is available to read online as a Crunchyroll simulpub. Only the most recent chapter can be read for free, previous chapters are available for Premium users.[1]


# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 April 9, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-063950-50-2 August 20, 2014 ISBN : 978-1-612629-72-8
Chapter list :
  1. The Glory of Ecbatana (エクバターナの栄華 Ekubatāna no Eiga? )
  2. Battle of Atropatene (アトロパテネの会戦 Atoropatene no Kaisen? )
  3. The Knight in Black (黒衣の騎士 Kokui no Kishi? )
  4. Reunion with an Old Friend (旧友との再会 Tomo to no Saikai? )

Cover character : Arslan
Pages :
Volume 1 (Arakawa)

In the prosperous kingdom of Pars lies the Royal Capital of Ecbatana, a city of splendor and wonder, ruled by the undefeated and fearsome King Andragoras. Arslan is the young and curious prince of Pars who, despite his best efforts doesn’t seem to have what it takes to be a proper king like his father. At the age of 14, Arslan goes to his first battle and loses everything as the blood-soaked mist of war gives way to scorching flames, bringing him to face the demise of his once glorious kingdom. However, it is Arslan’s destiny to be a ruler, and despite the trials that face him, he must now embark on a journey to reclaim his fallen kingdom.[3]

2 May 9, 2014 ISBN : 978-4-063950-63-2 February 4, 2015 ISBN : 978-1-612629-73-5
Chapter list :
  1. The King's Generosity (君主の度量 Kunshu no Doryō? )
  2. Arrow of Deliverance (救いの一矢 Sukui no Isshi? )
  3. The Wandering Musician (流浪の楽士 Rurō no Gakushi? )
  4. The Blood-Soaked Gate (血塗れの門 Chinure no Mon? )
  5. A Wild Party Of Bloodshed (流血の狂宴 Ryūketsu no Kyōen? )
  6. The Captured Queen (囚われの王妃 Toraware no Ōhi? )

Cover character : Daryun
Pages :
Volume 2 (Arakawa)

After escaping the horrors of the battlefield, Arslan takes refuge with Daryun in a mountain retreat belonging to the former lord and genius strategist, Narsus and enlists his assistance in his mission to reclaim his lost kingdom. Meanwhile, the royal capital of Ecbatana is under siege by the Lusitanians and the queen finds herself captured by the mysterious masked figure behind the fall of Pars.[5]

3 February 9, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-063953-07-7 May 12, 2015 ISBN : 978-16-12629-74-2
Chapter list :
  1. Kharlan Goes to Battle (カーラーンの出陣 Kārān no Shutsujin? )
  2. A Peerless Beauty (絶世の美女 Zessei no Bijo? )
  3. The Traitor Hero (裏切りの英雄 Uragiri no Eiyū? )
  4. The King's Whereabouts (王の行方 Ō no Yukue? )
  5. The Rightful King (正統の王 Seitō no Ō? )
  6. The Love of King Innocentis (イノケンティス王の恋 Inokentisu-Ō no Koi? )
  7. Beneath the Mask (仮面の下 Kamen no Shita? )
  8. Reunion By The Shore (水辺の再会 Mizube no Saikai? )
  9. The Second Prince (二人目の王子 Futari-me no Ōji? )

Cover character : Narsus
Pages :
Volume 3 (Arakawa)

Though Arslan and his party have escaped Kharlan’s forces, Kharlan will stop at nothing to capture the former prince of Pars. To draw out Arslan, Kharlan has an underhanded plan to massacre innocent villagers until the prince makes his appearance, but Arslan will not stand idly by while the lives of his people are at stake, so he heads out to take on Kharlan and his army of over one thousand soldiers. Though it may seem like Arslan’s sense of justice is far from strong enough to take on Kharlan’s overwhelming military might, with Narsus’ razor-sharp wit, Daryun’s unmatched prowess as a soldier, Elam’s excellent bow skills, and the help of two new and formidable allies, Arslan has more than a fighting chance to prevail and journey closer to reclaiming his once lost kingdom.[7]

4 October 9, 2015 ISBN : 978-4-063955-08-8 December 29, 2015 ISBN : 978-16-32361-11-0
Chapter list :
  1. The Lord of the Fortress at Kashan (カシャーン城塞の主 Kashān Jōsai no Aruji? )
  2. Hodir's Plot (ホディールの謀 Hodīru no Hakarigoto? )
  3. For the Lord (主のために Aruji no Tame ni? )
  4. The Site of Justice (正義のありか Seigi no Arika? )
  5. Hand of the Devil (魔の手 Ma no Te? )
  6. The Road to Peshawar (ペシャワールへの道 Peshawāru e no Michi? )
  7. Minstrel in the Moonlight (月下の吟遊詩人 Gekka no Gin'yūshijin? )
  8. Son of Kharlan (カーラーンの息子 Kārān no Musuko? )

Cover character : Elam
Pages :
Volume 4 (Arakawa)

The priestess Farangis and wandering minstrel Gieve have joined Prince Arslan in his quest to reclaim his kingdom. But these new additions are far from enough to stand up against the vast army of Lusitania and the nefarious scheming of the Man in the Silver Mask. Arslan must seek reinforcements from Kashan Fortress and is warmly greeted by its lord, Hodir, but Hodir’s hospitality will come at a price. As the path to the royal throne stands before him, Arslan’s principles will be put to the test and he will discover what it means to be a true king. [9]

5 May 9, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-063956-60-3 August 23, 2016 ISBN : 978-1-632362-18-6
Chapter list :
  1. Daughter of the Zot Clan (ゾット族の娘 Zotto-zoku no Musume? )
  2. A Village at Twilight (黄昏の村 Tasogare no Mura? )
  3. Shadow of the Snake King (蛇王の影 Hebi-ō no Kage? )
  4. Behind One's Eyelids (瞼の奥 Mabuta no Oku? )
  5. Return of the Warrior (戦士の帰還 Senshi no Kikan? )
  6. Sam's Submisson (サームの帰従 Sāmu no Kijū? )
  7. The Magic Mountain (魔の山 Ma no Yama? )

Cover character : Gieve
Pages :
Volume 5 (Arakawa)

Prince Arslan and his companions face a long journey to Peshawar Citadel, a fortresss surrounded by treacherous mountains. While a chance encounter leaves Narsus with a new comrade and admirer, Arslan’s group must face the bloodthirsty son of Kharlan, Zandeh, who is eager to avenge his father’s death. Despite creating constant setbacks for Arslan, matters on the enemy’s side are far from a united front. In the Lusitanian-occupied capitcal of Ecbatana, King Innocentis VII and his advisers are at odds with the radical ideas of the Holy Knights Templar. Behind it all, Silver Mask is slowly carrying out a plan that threatens to shake both sides and even call Arslan’s right to the throne of Pars into question.

6 November 9, 2016 ISBN : 978-4-063588-30-9 January 31, 2017 ISBN : 978-1-632363-07-7
Chapter list :
  1. Twin-Blade's Falcon (双刀の鷹 Sōtō no Taka? )
  2. The Character of a King (国王(シャーオ)の資質 Shāo no Shishitsu? )
  3. Fortress of Sandstone (砂岩の城 Sagan no Shiro? )
  4. Two Princes (二人の王子 Futari no Ōji? )
  5. Royal Blood (王家の血 Ōke no Chi? )
  6. Three Principles (三つの理 Mittsu no Kotowari? )

Cover character : Farangis
Pages :
Volume 6 (Arakawa)

Prince Arslan and his allies have reached the citadel of Peshawar, but even among fellow Parsians, they can’t rest easy. In the midst of war, rumblings of King Andragoras’ dark past have resurfaced, bringing even Arslan’s right to the throne in question. The prince and his friends have counted on loyalty to Pars, but with doubt over the rightful succession, does that loyalty still include Arslan? He must confront who he is—and what his enemies really want—in a showdown with Hilmes. Meanwhile, another conflict over a throne in the Southern kingdom of Sidhura draws Arslan’s group into a fight between brothers. Will they be pulled further into war, or can they leverage this new development in their favor?

7 May 9, 2017 ISBN : May 16, 2017[10] ISBN : 978-1-632363-51-0
Chapter list :
  1. The Handsome Sindhuran (シンドゥラの色男 Shindura no Iro-otoko? )
  2. A Foreign Sky (異国の空 Ikoku no Sora? )
  3. New Year's Ceremony (新年の儀 Shin-nen no Gi? )
  4. Guide of the Dark Night (闇夜の案内人 Yamiyo no An-nainin? )
  5. The Battle of Gujarat (グジャラートの戦い Gujarāto no Tatakai? )
  6. The Bonds between Lord and Vassal (君臣の義 Kunshin no Gi? )

Cover character : Alfarīd
Pages :
Another Prince’s Problem

After being diverted in the sandy kingdom of Sindhura, Arslan’s party becomes entangled in a war of succession. Arslan may have new allies in Prince Rajendra and the warrior Jaswant, but are they truly worthy of his trust? The bitter conflict between Rajendra and his tyrannical brother, Gadhevi, has fostered paranoia across the nation of Sindhura. In this tense climate, is Arslan safe with a new friend, or is he merely a pawn?

8 November 9, 2017 ISBN : ISBN : 978-1-632363-51-0
Chapter list :
  1. The Day of the Decisive Battle (決戦の日 Kessen no Hi? )
  2. The Thundering Elephant Force (轟音の戦象部隊 Gouon no Senzoubutai? )
  3. King Karikala's Decision (カリカーラ王の決断 Karikāra-Ou no Ketsudan? )
  4. The Beast in the Field of Honor (決闘場の獣 Kettoujou no Kemono? )
  5. Gods' Judgement (神々の裁き Kamigami no Sabaki? )
  6. Sunset in the Capital City (落日の国都 Rakujitsu no Kokuto? )

Cover character : Kishward
Pages :
The Tides of Battle

The decisive battle between Arslan and Gadhevi has finally begun. Believing that he has the Parsian army isolated, Gadhevi sends his main forces against Rajendra in hopes of destroying the alliance between him and Arslan once and for all. However, the Parsians outsmart their enemies once again and join the battle just in time to turn the tables on Gadhevi. But when King Karikala regains consciousness, what will become of the two feuding brothers, and what will this mean for Arslan and Pars?

9 May 9, 2018 ISBN : 978-4-06-512057-6 ISBN :
Chapter list :
  1. The Last Supper (最後の晩餐 Saigo no Bansan? )
  2. The Return of the Warriors (戦士の帰還 Senshi no Kikan? )
  3. The Whereabouts of the Secret Letter (密書の行方 Missho no Yukue? )
  4. The Foulness of the Blood (血の澱み Chi no Yodomi? )
  5. The Encounter in Early Spring (早春の邂逅 Soushun no Kaikou? )
  6. The Matchless Traveler (無双の旅人 Musou no Tabibito? )

Cover character : Jaswant
Pages :
36577247. SX120
Where Loyalties Lie

Prince Arslan finds himself gifted with three thousand cavalrymen for aiding Rajendra in the capture of his traitorous brother, Gadhevi. But the king’s two-faced generosity is clouded with greed as he sets to ambush Prince Arslan and his Parsian army late in the night. And later, in Peshawar Fortress, more trouble lurks as a shadowy figure silently stalks Arslan and his retinue in search of a secret letter.

10 November 9, 2018 ISBN : 978-4-06-514131-1 ISBN :
Chapter list :
  1. The Cornerstone of Subjugation (討伐の礎 Toubatsu no Ishizue? )
  2. The Decisive Battle of Zabul Castle (ザーブル城の決戦 Zāburu-jo no Kessen? )
  3. The Messenger from Maryam (マルヤムの使者 Maruyamu no Shisha? )
  4. The Princess without a Country (亡国の王女 Boukoku no Oujo? )
  5. The Bandits' duty (盗賊の仕事 Touzoku no Shigoto? )
  6. Shapur's Younger Brother (シャプールの弟 Shapūru no Otouto? )

Cover character : Hilmes
Pages :
11 May 9, 2019 ISBN : 978-4-06-515077-1 ISBN :
Chapter list :
  1. The Wolf's Rage (狼の怒り Ōkami no Ikari? )
  2. The Rubáiyát of Farewell (別れの四行詩 Wakare no Rubaiyāto? )
  3. Parsian Manners (パルス流の礼節 Parusu-ryū no Reisetsu? )
  4. Hunting Festival in Shahristan (シャフリスターンの狩猟祭(ハルナーク) Shahurisutān no Harunāku? )
  5. A Girl of St. Manuel Castle ((サン)マヌエル城の少女 San Manueru-jou no Shoujo? )
  6. The Crucial Time (存亡の(とき) Sonbou no Toki? )

Cover character : Kubard
Pages :
12 November 8, 2019 ISBN : 978-4-06-517309-1 ISBN :
Chapter list :
  1. Guiscard's ambition (ギスカールの野望 Gisukāru no Yabou? )
  2. The Return of the King (王の帰還 Ou no Kikan? )
  3. A Song in Praise of Life (生命の讃歌 Seimei no Sanka? )
  4. The Wandering Marzban (流浪の万騎長(マルズバーン) Rurou no Maruzubān? )
  5. The Decoy's Name (囮の名は Otori no Na wa? )
  6. The Onslaught from Turanian Force (トゥラーン軍の猛攻 Turān-gun no Moukou? )

Cover character : Rajendra
Pages :

Chapters not yet in tankōbon formatEdit

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume:

  1. Jubilant Peshawar (歓喜のペシャワール Kanki no Peshawāru? )
  2. Under the Grave (墓の下 Haka no Shita? )
  3. The Great Earthquake (激震の大地 Gekishin no Daichi? )
  4. The Ominous Shadow of The Snake King (蛇王の蠢き Hebiou no Ugomeki? )


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