Arzhang Anime.png
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status  Alive
Country Lusitania
Physical Attributes
Eye Color Blueish glow
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiromichi Tezuka (Anime)

Arzhang (アルザング Aruzangu?) is one of the secondary characters of the Anime Series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is one of the Zahhāk Gurus, a cult of sorcerers with ancient connections to the Pars Kingdom. He has the ability tophase his body into the ground.

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2013 Manga and Anime Edit

Arzhang is depicted in the anime and manga with greyish skin and sharp fingernails. He wears a black cloak, two red earrings and a white mask covering his upper face and nose which has a circular spot over his forehead. Through it, his eyes appear as black with a piercing blue glow. He also has a stubbly beard.

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