The Camp of Arslan (アルスラーン陣営 Arusurān Jin'ei? ) is an organization consisting of Prince Arslan and his followers on their mission to take back the Kingdom of Pars from the Lusitania's invasion. [1]


The Camp of Arslan currently has eight members.


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The leader of the Camp of Arslan, and is responsible for decision-making.


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Once famous for being a Marzban of the Kingdom of Pars, he is responsible for the majority of the fighting and vows to protect Arslan, even if it means giving his life.


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Formerly a secretary of Pars and later in a position referred to himself as a "mere hermit", he is the tactician of the Camp of Arslan and responsible for many battle strategies that ensure the survival of the group. He also engages in battle often.


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Elam is the attendant of Narsus, making food for the group and does menial work. On occasions, Elam goes for reconnaissance missions as he is skilled in the bow and the sword, and since he is fairly unknown compared to the others.


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Farangis is a priestess that used to serve her god in her temple until she received an order to protect Arslan. She is a good archer, being able to shoot many enemies on horseback.


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Gieve is a travelling musician that joined the Camp of Arslan because he wanted to be with Farangis. Except for playing music at occasions, he is apparently better at the bow and the sword than most soldiers.


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Alfreed is the chief's heir of the Zott Tribe, and is in love with Narsus. She is in the group just to be close to Narsus. She is quite efficient in using a sword.

Jaswant Edit

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Jaswant is a Shinduran soldier and formerly an enemy of the Camp of Arslan. He joined the group to pay his debt to Arslan.

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The members of the Camp of Arslan are very strong even though they are few in number. The strongest member is Daryun, who is feared for his strength even by the foreign countries. He once stated that he may defeat 50,000 soldiers on his own somehow and Narsus said that he really may be able to do it. Narsus can also deal with multiple soldiers on his own and his strength is acknowledged by the likes of Kharlan and Hilmes. Farangis and Gieve are great bowmans, always making accurate shots, and are also much better at the sword than common soldiers. Gieve said that he can take care of 400 men easily. Arslan is also better than most warriors as he was trained by Vahriz and Elam is a good bowman.

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