The Captured Queen (囚われの王妃 Toraware no Ōhi? ) is the 10th chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


The capital from the Kingdom of Pars begin its period of Lusitanian Occupation as the Lusitanian King, Innocentis, made a surprisingly move. At the same time, an ancient prisoner is looking for his fellow soldiers capture.


Gieve is leaving the Capital, and realize he has left his loud there. In the capital, the Royal Palace is plunder and search by Lusitanian soldiers. The Prime Minister is found out by Silver Mask, hiding behind Blanket , and give away Tahamine's location in exchange for his life.
She is captured and present to the King of Lusitania, Innocentis. While Generals, such as Baudouin and Montferrat, think he will execute her without mercy, they are shocked as they realize he has fallen in love with her and that he wants to marry her.
The news is pass along to the King's younger brother, Duke Guiscard, Commander-in-chief of the Lusitanian Army and Grand Vizier, who is enraged by this. He tried to convince his older brother to reconsidered his decision, but he is told to convince the Generals oppose to the Wedding, also angry at the decision to give the plunder to the Church and Bodin instead of the Army. Guiscard is pressed to tried to convince his brother again, through he is more angry at the fact that his brother may have a children.
In the Market of the occupied Ecbatana, as Lusitanian soldiers "steal" there and here and Kharlan's soldiers passing the streets, a lone Lusitanian soldier, revealed to be Etoile, is looking for his fellow soldiers brought here three years ago.

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