The Traitor Hero (裏切りの英雄 Uragiri no Eiyū? ) is the 13th chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.

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Narsus devises a strategy to face Kharlan's army while Gieve and Farangis join up with Camp Arslan.

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Farangis channels the Djinn using a crystal flute that is worn around her neck. They tell her that everything that Gieve has said was a lie except for his hatred of Lusitania. He struggles to understand the Djinn, but quickly disregards them. They hide in the forest as Kharlan’s army passes by. Farangis suggests following them to find Arslan.

The scene flashes back to Kharlan interrogating a man who tells him that one of Arslan’s men severely beat him after he tried to steal from them. He tells them that Arslan’s group is only 4 people, and that they headed south. Kharlan tells him that he will be rewarded for his information, but quickly beheads the man, claiming that he was probably an agent of Narsus. They resolve to go north.

The flashback ends and Narsus is seen waiting above a mountain pass for Kharlan’s army. He muses to himself that his trap has been perfectly set.

Farangis attacks him in this moment, but only manages to cut some of his hair. He quickly counters her and they both recognize each other as not Lusitanian. Narsus tells her that he serves Arslan and Farangis apologizes for attacking him. She says that she wishes to join them, and Narsus says that he will put her to work immediately.

Arslan waits with Elam at a different location above the pass. Elam reveals that the man Kharlan interrogated was intentionally hired by Narsus as an untrustworthy individual and given wrong information. Elam notices that Arslan is nervous about the upcoming battle and gives him his bow. Elam wishes him good luck and Arslan heads off to face Kharlan, who quickly finds him and confronts him. Arslan asks why he defected to Lusitania and Kharlan says that he should not know the true answer. He begins to attack Arslan, but Daryun intervenes at the last second and claims that he will be Kharlan’s opponent.

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