The Rightful King (正統の王 Seitō no Ō? ) is the 15th chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.

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Daryun and Narsus plan to go to Ecbatana while Hilmes meets with a sorcerer.

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After Kharlan’s ominous comments about the throne of Pars, Daryun and Narsus look at each other worriedly. Arslan catches up with them and urges Kharlan not to die. Kharlan dies anyway, and Narsus tells Arslan that King Andragoras is still alive. Daryun comforts Arslan by telling him that it is very likely that he will see his father again.

Farangis and Gieve introduce themselves to Arslan and pledge their loyalty to him. Gieve tells Arslan that Queen Tahamine was still alive when he left Ecbatana. Arslan asks Farangis to say a prayer for the men who had fallen in the battle.

Daryun mentions to Narsus that he isn’t sure about trusting Gieve, but Narsus tells him that any help is a good thing for them at the moment. They decide to go to Ecbatana themselves to determine the location of the King and Queen.

Farangis notices a nearby sorcerer watching them in the darkness, but does not say anything.

Meanwhile, Hilmes meets with a sorcerer beneath the palace in Ecbatana. It is revealed that he had hired the sorcerer to create the fog on the field of Atropatene. The sorcerer tells Hilmes that Kharlan is dead, and that someone who opposes him is near. Hermes pays him and leaves to find this person.

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