The Love of King Innocentis (イノケンティス王の恋 Inokentisu-Ō no Koi? ) is the 16th chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


With the fall of the Kingdom of Pars to Lusitania, the capital undergoes many developments.

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With the fall of Pars, we see the treatment of the slaves has not changed with Lusitania's rule. Meanwhile, within the castle walls, King Innocentius is out and about trying his best to woo Lady Tahamine despite her not even speaking a single word in response. Innocentius claims that with the start of the next, he will named Emperor of the new Lusitanian Empire and he would need an Empress at his side. Nearby, Guiscard and Silver Mask watch the king's failed courting attempts.

As for Bodin, he is absolutely furious at the idea of the king marrying a heathen and claims that even if the king was trying to convert Tahamine to their ways, it would be no good if it was not done through means of torture. Bodin then orders the soldiers to gather all documents found within the capital to be burned before all the citizens. A solider then questions why they did not read the documents before burning them as many of the tomes were deemed valuable. Bodin answers that the documents are devil-inspired and that they must be destroyed. The soldier then questions the burning of the books of medicine and Bodin attacks the soilder, sending him off the platform and into the fire below while proclaiming that all of wicked hearts must repent, including the king trying to wed Tahamine.

In the crowd below, a hooded Narsus and Daryun watch the mad Archpriest conducting the proceedings. Narsus then asks Daryun to allow him to kill Bodin while Daryun goes after the king and his brother. Daryun then agreed to Narsus's request.

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