Hodir's Plot ( Hodir no purotto? ) is the 21st chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


Hodir, Narsus and Daryun are discuting strategy : Hodir presents a joyful face and state he has 33,000 soldiers at his commands. Narsus mentions voluntarily Arslan's doubt about the Slave system. Arslan is separated from his companions as they go to their rooms. Before Arslan go to sleeping, Hodir have a talk with him and guard are put before his room.

Narsus and Daryun discover a sleeping drug in their chamber and decide their is not need for restraint. Gieve arrives to Arslan's room by climbing and put the sleeping drugs in a manner to put to sleep the soldiers guarding the room. Arslan ask Gieve to translate a Lusitanian's bible. However when he read an line that forbid woman's temptation, he tried to get rid of it. As the guard are now sleeping, Gieve and Arslan go for his party's room where Arslan explain that Hodir give two conditions : Arslan must wed his daughter and refrain from any revolutionary measure. Narsus came to the conclusion that Hodir want to get ride of them, and will likely make his move before the next days.

Elam is task by Narsus to Do something as Gieve is to return Arslan to his room. Gieve present himself to Falangies's window, and after getting a kick, he try to informs her but he is interrupted as Hodir'soldiers are marching through the yard.

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