For the Lord (主のために Omo no Tame ni? ) is the 22nd chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine Issue #5, 2015.


Arslan and his Party fight the traitorous Lord of the Kashan Fortress.


Lord Hodir along with his men visit Arslan's quarters in the middle of the night, Arslan having already equipped his armor prior to Hodir's visit. Hodir then asks Arslan for his blessing as he and his men go to execute Narsus and Daryun, stating that sooner or later they will prove to be disloyal. Hodir tries to convince Arslan that he is acting in Arslan's best interests as well as the best interests of Pars. Arslan promptly denies Hodir's offer and gathers his party to leave the fortress.

As they all prepare to leave, Hodir tries to slander their image in Arslan's eyes causing Daryun to argue back that Hodir is describing himself as well. Hodir, seeming to be giving up on his alliance with the prince, tries to offer two of his men to lead their horses as they leave. Farangis and Gieve, however, swiftly kill the two and reveal the hidden blades that the guards carried with them. This action then prompts the rest of Hodir's men to prepare for attack. Daryun tells Hodir to hold his attack and allow their party to leave the fortress for his own good, however, Hodir calls for his archers to attack. As they take aim, they find that Elam has cut the string of every bow, as requested by Narsus. A large battle ensues, resulting in the death of many soldiers, and finally, the death of Hodir by Daryun's hands. The remaining men, seeing the death of their leader, surrender and raise the gate for Arslan and the others to leave.

Arslan then takes a trip to go and free Hodir's slaves as Narsus watches warily. Once they arrive at the huts, Arslan excitedly breaks the lock with the pommel of his sword and opens the doors. He then prompts the slaves to get up and leave as they are now free men. With confused looks, they ask Arslan if Hodir knows of their sudden freedom to which Arslan replies that since Hodir is now dead, they have gained freedom. Looks of surprise fill the hut as they ask if it wasArslan and his party that killed their master. Arslan replies positively to their questions and the slaves then gather their tools and vow to avenge their master.

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Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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Due to a release error on Crunchyroll, this chapter was overlooked while chapter 21, Hodir's Plot, was labelled chapter 22 as opposed to 21.


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