Reunion with an Old friend (戦士の帰還 Senshi no kikan? ) is the 32nd chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


Hidilgo's death causes chaos among the Lusitanian ranks that threatened Hilmes' plan.


Guiscard and Innocentius are informed of Hidigo's assassination, though the first is more interested in the change he will have to make to his plan to get ride of Bodin. Their are suprised by Bodin's unfriendly arrival, who launch accusations of murder against them and treason against the religion. However, Guiscard notes that it Hidilgo who committed a crime against the Church, since he was fond death in bed with a woman. Bodin left the room in silence, but is in state of extreme rage caused by Guiscard's response.

Later, the two Royal Brothers and the Lusitanians Generals received words that the Temple's Knight are assembling in full armour and a panicked Guiscard ordered the seizure of Yaldaboath's flag on Ecbatana's wall before the arrival of Party of Knight take it. A bloody battle ensued between the Knight and the Lusitanian troops; a battle lost by the troops until Hilmes' sudden charge in the midst of the battle held off the attack.
Despite congratulation from Guiscard for saving the flag, Hilmes is embitter that his searco of Arslan was call off but they are informed of another religious move : The Knight of the Temples and Bodin are leaving the Capital to a Fortress on the border between Pars and Maryam.

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