The Blood-Soaked Gate (血塗れの門 Chimamire no Mon? ) is the 8th chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


The Lusitanian Army keep besieging the Royal Capital, however, Pars' enemy are not all outside the City.


Gieve tells the woman who accompanied him that he knows she is not the true Queen but one of her servant. As he reveals his contempt for the Queen's methods, the angry servant kick him and try to escape, but meets Kharlan, Silver Mask and the Lusitanian Soldiers. She is brutally strangled by Silver Mask after he found out that she was not the Queen who then charge the soldiers to kill Gieve after the latter thrown a thing at him. Gieve manages to kill the soldiers and decides to steal some of the treasure in the Palace.

At Ecbatana's wall, the Lusitanian Army's attack is more fierce than any before. Sam leaves the wall and rode to the City Palace when he saw fire coming from it. The Lusitanian troops beat the Parsian troops there. Sam fight his way in the palace until he meet Kharlan and they begin to fight. Kharlan ask Sam to surrender in exchange of his life but he refuses and try to escape but is pierce by a a spear thrown by Silver Mask. The Lusitanian soldiers inside the city open the gate to the other troops outside who begin to enter the Capital. Garshasph try to repulse them but is killed while the Lusitanian Flag is placed on the wall.

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Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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