Arslan's most trusted knight and one of Arslan's 16 Generals.

Appearance Edit

His youthful tanned face has sharp features and may well be said handsome. However, he would look far better in armor than gorgeous formal clothes. All parts of his armor is black except the lining of his cloak, which is as red as setting sun[1].

Skill Edit

He is good at using most weapons. His bow is strong and he shows best performance with his sword and spear. He also uses ‘Ji’, which he learned how to use in Serica.

History Edit

Daryun was born in a family of knight. His family is relatively high ranked as knight and among them there had been commanders of 1000 cavalry, but not until Vahriz that they had Marzban or Eran in their family.

At the age of 7, he became friends with Narsus.

At the age of 21 or 22, he was appointed as a commander of 1000 cavalry, and defeated Turanian King's brother (Ilterish's father) in a battle.

At the age of 24, he left Pars to Serica as the commander of the mission's convoy.

At the age of 26 or 27, He was appointed as Marzban.

Trivia Edit

During his stay in Serica, he fell in love with princess Xingliang (星涼公主)[2][3] .

He has been friend with Narsus since he was 7[4].

In the story beyond the latest episode of the animation series Edit

After Arslan was crowned, he and Kubard come to be called as ‘el-eran’, which means a general who is as honorable as ‘eran’. His loyalty to Arslan is growing stronger as time goes by.

When Arslan's expeditionary force fought with the masked army of Turk, Daryun had an one-on-one battle with Hilmes, but Hilmes ran in the middle of the match.

As one of the reason he refused to be eran was that eran cannnot leave and travel outside of Ecbatana often, he would travel on duty for several times. For example, he once visited Rajendra as the leader of envoys and he also fought as the commander of a troop against monsters which were dependent of Zahhak.

However, when Kishward lost the position of eran, he decided to accept the position after him as Arslan strongly requested it.

When he fought in expeditionary force against Misr, Narsus accidentally encountered Hilmes. As recognizing the emergency signal from where Narsus and Arfarid were, Daryun rushed to the place, but it was too late.

In The Last Battle, he encountered Hilmes and finally won against him.

In The Very Last Battle, Daryun had an one-on-one battle with Zahhak. He succeeded in damaging the enemy greatly, but it required his life. Daryun passed away while Arslan holding his hand until it became completely cold. It was May 2, Pars era 326.

If Arslan's will was fulfilled, Daryun was buried in the same grave with Arslan. [5]

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