Ecbatana is the royal city of the fictional kingdom Pars, which is taken over by the neighboring nation of Lusitania after king Andragoras falls victim of a treacherous plot led by one of his most trusted retainers and the Battle of Atropatene.[1]


Ecbatana is located at the center of the kingdom of Pars, and is the central trading post of the Continental Road. This makes the city a strategically important point of trade, and a great variety of goods from many locations can be found and traded for in the city.

Layout Edit

The city sits on top of a large hill, on top of which lies the royal palace, surrounded by a wall. the inner city surrounds the palace and is fortified by another wall. The rest of the city extends downhill, particularly towards the side facing the continental road; and is protected by a third, external wall. The external wall itself is surrounded by a moat, deep enough to require swimming, and beyond it lie the several tents and pack animals of the arriving merchants.

Demographics Edit

Much of Ecbatana's population are slaves, who outnumbered both nobles and priests. A significant amount of free men, such as merchants, artisans and street performers, can be seen throughout the city streets.

Locations Edit

Royal PalaceEdit


The Royal Palace of Ecbatana as it appears in the anime.

The royal palace of Ecbatana is at the greatest point of elevation in the city. It is the residence of the royal family and its retinue, and is heavily fortified, making it Ecbatana's last line of defense. Following the taking of the city by the Lusitanians, the palace became occupied by king Innocentius VII and his forces.

Trivia Edit

  • Ecbatana is probably based off several royal capitals, though most notably by name terrain, based off the real city of the same name: Ecbatana (modern Hamadān, in Western Iran), a large city in the hilly and fertile land of Media, was the capital of the Median Empire from the late 8th century BCE, and after Persian king Cyrus the Great defeated the Medes and took the city in 549 BCE, it became the summer capital and one of the main cities of his Achaemenid Empire, and of several subsequent empires for centuries to come.


  1. Kharlan's betrayal is revealed in chapter 2 (2013 manga).