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1991 Manga
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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 14 (Pars era 321)

Birthday: July 20

Status Alive
Country Pars
Position ghulām[1] (former)
Narsus' Attendant

a member of the Camp of Arslan

Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Japanese Sasaki Nozomu (OVA)
Natsuki Hanae (Anime)
English Deborah Makepeace (OVA, Manga UK dub)
Justin Briner (2015 Anime)
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Elam (エラム Eramu? ) is one of the main characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is Narsus' Attendant and a member of the Camp of Arslan against Lusitanian invasion.



Elam is a boy who appears to be around the same age as Arslan, if not a bit older. In the anime and 2013 manga adaptation he is shown with short brown hair and large green eyes. He wears a light tan, short sleeved tunic over a long sleeved black shirt, a long brown scarf, green pants, and black thigh high boots.

In the OVA, he is depicted with darker skin and long black hair which he keeps tied in a low ponytail.


Cunning in his own way, he acts as spy to gather useful information through various disguises. He is attentive and careful and he's fairly skilled with both a sword and a bow. He is also good at cooking, as he has been praised for his culinary skills repeatedly by Narsus, Daryun and Arslan. He is very loyal. He is very proud but also sensitive about his position as a servant.

He is polite towards his teammates (especially Arslan) and works well with others. He can be a bit immature, as shown when he argues with Alfarīd over whose food Narsus likes better.


He and his parents were liberated by Narsus from slavery. Afterwards, Elam continued to serve Narsus as an attendant rather than a slave. He lived with Narsus who treated him like his own son, he was disciplined and taught by Narsus such as spanking him or scolding him.



Elam intends to serve his "master", Narsus, who liberated him from slavery, until he is old enough to live on his own. He states that Narsus is hopeless without him as Narsus can't handle laundry, cleaning, and shopping for painting items. This shows that they are quite close as he is not hesitant about chastising Narsus. He also gets very jealous when Alfarīd is near Narsus. He is extremely loyal towards him, as shown when he refused to leave Narsus' side and live with Narsus' friend in the port of Gilan. He also holds Narsus' opinion in high regard. Despite his respect for Narsus, he claims that Narsus is useless without him.


It seems that Elam and Daryun knew each other before Narsus left the Parsian court. [2] They are both protective of Arslan.[3]


Elam is respectful and formal towards Arslan when they first meet, but as the story goes on he and Arslan become more like friends. Elam is loyal to Arslan and is willing to die to protect him. He is very proud but also sensitive about his position as a servant, for which reason he initially refused Arslan's help as he believed he should be the one serving Arslan. However, after Arslan saved him, although he was initially ashamed of it, he started warming up to Arslan and seeing him as a friend and equal.


Elam did not appear to trust Gieve initially, but after being saved by him and safely reunite with Daryun and Farangis before they reach Peshawar, he changed his mind.


Alfarīd brings out the jealous side of Elam. They argue over who Narsus likes more. Elam dislikes her casual attitude towards Narsus and holds his knowledge of Narsus over her head to support his argument that he is more important to Narsus.


  • Elam shares his name with the historical Kingdom and Empire that preceded the Persians. Southern Iran was known as the territory of Elam from the 30th century BCE to the Persian conquest in 540 BCE. Afterwards a province in Southwestern Iran of the core territories of former Elam bore the name as well.
    • In the Bible, Elam is also the name of one of the sons of Shem, who in turn was one of the sons of Noah. According to the Bible, Elam was the founder of the Elamite Gingdom.
  • He is an excellent cook - the decisive reason that Narsus and Daryun took him along on their journey.[4]


  1. a social class of slave
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  3. OVA
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