Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age unknown
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Narsus' Attendant

a member of the Camp of Arslan

Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Manga Chapter 4
Voice Actor
Japanese Natsuki Hanae (Anime)

Elam (エラム Eramu? ) is one of the main characters of Arslan Senki written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa based on Yoshiki Tanaka's novel series. He is Narsus' Attendant and a member of the Camp of Arslan that fights against Lusitanian invasion.


A boy who appears to be around the same age as Arslan, if not a bit older. He has short brown hair and green eyes. He wears a light tan short sleeved tunic over a long sleeved black shirt, a brown scarf, green pants, and black thigh high boots.


Cunning in his own way, he acts as spy to gather useful information through various disguises. He is attentive and careful and he’s fairly skilled with both a sword and a bow. He is also good at cooking, as he has been praised for his culinary skills repeatedly by Narsus, Daryun and Arslan. He is very loyal.


When Elam and his family were still slaves, they lived in slave huts, and Narsus would visit them unexpectedly at mealtimes. Elam learned to make food when the slaves alternated cooking duties. One day, after Narsus had returned from hunting, he visited the slave huts and asked to have some food. Although the slaves insisted the food was not good enough for Narsus, he ate some anyway, said it was delicious, and asked for whoever made the food. Elam's parents told him that it was their son, and Narsus asked if it was Elam. His parents were surprised that Narsus remembered Elam's name. Surprised that he had eaten so much, Narsus feared that he had eaten the slaves' meal, and gave them a duck in return for the food he had eaten. As a result, Narsus' praise drove Elam to hone his culinary skills. [1]

Later on, Elam and his parents were liberated from slavery by Narsus. It was his parents' dying wish that he serve Narsus. [2]



Elam intends to serve his "master", Narsus, who liberated him from slavery, until he is old enough to live on his own. He states that Narsus is hopeless without him as Narsus can't handle laundry, cleaning, and shopping for painting items. This shows that they are quite close as he is not hesitant about chastising Narsus. He also gets very jealous when Alfreed is near Narsus. He is extremely loyal towards him, as shown when he refused to leave Narsus' side and live with Narsus' friend in the port of Gilan. He also holds Narsus' opinion in high regard. 


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Elam is respectful and formal towards Arslan when they first meet, but as the story goes on he and Arslan become more like friends. Elam is loyal to Arslan and is willing to die to protect him.

Alfreed Edit

Alfreed brings out the jealous side of Elam. They argue over who Narsus likes more. Elam dislikes her casual attitude towards Narsus and holds his knowledge of Narsus over her head to support his argument that he is more important to Narsus.


  • He is an excellent cook - the decisive reason that Narsus and Daryun took him along on their journey.[3]


  • "Because he was never able to make friends his age in the imperial court, I really want Elam and his highness to become good friends." [4]


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