Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 14
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Narsus' Attendant

a member of the Camp of Arslan

Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Fair
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Japanese Natsuki Hanae

Elam (エラム Eramu? ) is one of the main characters of the anime series based on the Arakawa manga. He is Narsus' Attendant and a member of the Camp of Arslan that fights against Lusitanian invasion.


A boy who appears to be around the same age as Arslan, if not a bit older. He has short brown hair and green eyes. He wears a light tan short sleeved tunic over a long sleeved black shirt, a brown scarf, green pants, and black thigh high boots.



He and his parents were liberated by Narsus from slavery.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

Elam shot a tree near the intruders with an arrow and told them to leave. When Daryun told Elam that its him, Elam went near Daryun and apologised for his behavior. He accompanied them to Narsus’s hideout. Narsus accepted them into his home. Elam prepared dinner for everyone. Narsus told Arslan how he defeated the Alliance of Three Kingdoms without a single soldier. Narsus then talked with Daryun about Atropatene and Daryun told him that he should stop making bad paintings and help them. When Arslan asked what he should do, Narsus told him to abolish slavery.

Elam and Arslan
In the morning, Arslan tried to help him in the kitchen but ended up breaking lots of plates and making more work for him. He talked with Elam about his parents who were former slaves and asked him if he should free all the slaves or not, and Elam told him that he needs to find his own answer. Before breakfast, Kharlan’s men came. When Daryun told him that they passed near Kharlan’s castle on their way, Narsus got furious and said that Daryun was trying to force him to cooperate with them. Before the men entered, Arslan and Daryun hid themselves. They offered a position for Narsus, but he refused the offer and captured them with a trap. When he saw Arslan crying, he stated that they should have breakfast.
Ep4 Elam
While they were eating, Arslan wanted Narsus to join him and said that he will make him Court Painter. Narsus gladly accepted this offer. Elam also wanted to come but Narsus didn’t want him to. But Arslan also accepted Elam into their company saying that no one can cook as good as him.

Elam packed their stuff and they left the house and headed for Ecbatana, but Kharlan’s men were waiting for them, so they took shelter in a cave. They talked about their strategies and Narsus stated that Ecbatana is most likely under attack. After waiting for a while, they left the cave.

Prince Arslan Takes a StandEdit

Elam under disguise
Elam disguised himself as a woman and infiltrated Ecbatana to get some information. While he was watching Kharlan’s men, a Lusitanian soldier started to hit on him and dragged Elam into a back alley. Elam killed him but another soldier had seen him. Elam fought with the  soldier and managed to escape.

He returned to their hideout and gave his report. He said that there aren’t anyone who knows about King Andragoras’s whereabouts and that Kharlan left Ecbatana with a 1000 cavalrymen in search of Arslan. Narsus said that Kharlan will burn villages to lure them out. Arslan immediately ordered them to go after Kharlan. Narsus prepared a plan to capture Kharlan.

Etoile seeing Elam

Before the ambush, Elam gave his bow to Arslan because he thought it would be a safer way to fight. He send everyone who managed to reach Arslan down. Everyhing went according to the plan and Kharlan charged at Arslan but Daryun came to protect Arslan. Daryun defeated him but Kharlan got struck by his own spear after falling down the hill. Narsus started to ask questions to Kharlan and he told them the king is alive and died. Two more people had joined their company. They introduced themselves. Narsus said that they must leave before Kharlan’s men come back. Before leaving, Arslan wanted Farangis to offer up an elegy for the death of Kharlan and his men, surprising Elam. She accepted and started to sing.

While Narsus and Daryun was looking for the king in Ecbatana, Elam was watching over the Prince. Arslan seemed worried about them, so Elam told him that noone can do anything to them because those two are strong. When he wanted to leave to fetch water, Arslan wanted to come with him too and managed to convince him. He told him that even he is capable of a paltry but the rope got cut by the mechanism and Arslan fell down. Elam helped him get up and told him to stay in the house next to them and went to find a replacement.


When he returned, he saw the man he fought back then. He drew his sword and covered his face. Arslan told him that there isn’t any reason to fight as he is his friend. The soldier said that he isn’t  Arslan’s friend but didn’t fight. Before leaving, he asked about the slaves who were with him, and Arslan said that they were all killed. He gave Arslan , the holy book of Yaldabaoth and left.

Kashan FortressEdit

After Narsus and Daryun returned from Ecbatana, they told everyone that the King and the Queen is safe. Prince Arslan stated that there are too few of them and they need more allies. Narsus stated that they intend to change lots of things that the kingdom has supported up to now, so it won’t be an easy task. In the morning, the company started to ride their horses at full speed because the Lusitanians were chasing them. After a while, Daryun returned and told everyone to follow him. Suddenly, they heard the voice of a horn and a Parsian army appeared. The archers killed lots of Lusitanians and forced them to retreat.

Elam entered Kashan Fortress with the others and a feast was ready for them. Elam ate a lot and then went with the others to their room. Narsus and Daryun discussed about Hodir. Then suddenly, Gieve got up and attacked to someone in the balcony, but it was Prince Arslan much to everyone’s surprise. He told them that Hodir came and asked some things from him. Narsus sent him to his room with Gieve and turned towards Elam. He wanted him to break the enemy’s bows and check if they have placed anything to the ceiling. Elam finished his tasks and returned to the room. Then, Arslan called their names and said that they will leave immediately. Elam and others came out and they tried to get out of the castle, but Hodir followed them and apologised to Arslan. He wanted his men to lead his horse out, but Farangis and Gieve killed them as they were carrying concealed daggers. Soldiers came out and they started to fight. Daryun killed Hodir before he reached Arslan and after seeing this, his soldiers stopped fighting.

Before they left, Arslan tried to free the slaves but they were angry as Arslan had killed their master. Then they set a camp for the night in the woods.

Road to PeshawarEdit

On their way, Elam saw that Arslan was going too fast, so he warned him. Suddenly, Arslan asked him what does he want to be in the future, and Elam stated that it will be decided by Narsus. Elam also told Arslan that he will become a good king as Daryun and Narsus will be there when he is in pinch. Arslan thanked him, but this made Elam shy, so he started to ride faster to avoid further talking.

The Lusitanians were after them so Daryun went to engage them. They also lost Farangis and Narsus on their way. Elam said that they will meet at Peshawar, so they continued. The enemy finally reached them so they got forced to fight. But they decided to continue as the enemy is on foot. But Elam’s horse got struck and he fell down. Elam told them to continue, but Arslan returned and saved him. When more soldiers came, Gieve distracted them by throwing gold and they tried made their escape. But on their way was a dead end, so they hid themselves and made the enemy think that they jumped to the river. Only one enemy remained and Gieve killed him.

Arslan Elam Ep12

After they got away from the enemy, Elam apologised and said that he should have been the one that protects Arslan, but he stated that it is fine as Elam is his friend. This greatly surprised Elam. He said that he is the son of former slaves but Arslan told him that he doesn’t care about rank. They continued on their way. Suddenly, Arslan stated that this is the farthest that he has ever come and Elam asked him if he knows about the legendary cities. He told Arslan that in a vast desert of nothing, lies the cities which are only mentioned in legends. He said that he wants to study their histories and Arslan told him to share those stories with him as well. Then Gieve stated that that Elam became very friendly with the prince and this made him blush. Gieve showed them Peshawar Fortress, but they headed back.

The enemy suddenly appeared and attacked Arslan fell down from his horse, but Elam caught him before he hit the ground. The enemy once again came to attack Arslan, but Daryun rushed and saved him. They defeated the enemy. Daryun came and apologised to have placed him in danger, nut Arslan said that he is fine thanks Elam for saving him. After uniting with Falangies and Daryun they headed to Peshawar.

Two PrincesEdit

As they got closer to Peshawar, the Lusitanians layed numerous ambushes for them. Before the last ambush, Kishward and Narsus appeared with soldiers on their sides. Kishward killed lots of them and forced the Lusitanians to retreat. Kishward welcomed Arslan and his company to Peshawar.

Arslan Daryun Gieve Elam Ep13
When they entered Peshawar, the company was shocked as Alfreed stated that she is Narsus’ wife and Elam was feeling worse than any of them. Gieve said that even Narsus will fall victim to temptation and this made Elam feel even worse. Narsus asked Alfreed to explain. She said that they aren’t officially married, so she is his lover. This shocked Elam even more. Narsus said that he just saved her when she was getting attacked and tried to avoid further questions. Bahman and Kishward came and welcomed Arslan. They stated that the 80,000 soldiers in Peshawar will swear their loyalty to Arslan.

In the castle, while Elam was organizing his room, Alfreed came, looking for Narsus. She asked Elam if he knows where Narsus is and Elam told her that he is in a meeting. Then Alfreed told Elam to tell her everything he knows about Narsus, but Elam coldly asked her to refrain from being familiar with Narsus. But she had no intention to do so. Elam stated that she doesn’t even know her favorite foods and stated that food made from the likes of her could no possibly be to his taste. This made Alfreed angry and she stated that she is older than Elam. They continued to argue, and then stopped talking to each other.