A Knights Loyalty
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Season 1 Episode 12
Kanji 騎士の忠義
Rōmaji Kishi no Chūgi
English A Knights Loyalty
Air Date June 21, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai Kore wa Boku-tachi no Kotoba
Ending Lapis Lazuli
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A Knights Loyalty (騎士の忠義 Kishi no Chūgi? ) is the 12th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


Narsus meets a young woman named Alfreed and confronts Silvermask again, while Daryun and Farangis are still fighting to escape their pursuers.


Narsus is seen moving along a mountain side, escaping from his pursuers. He hears the sound of at least a dozen horsemen and links it to the Zott Tribe. Narsus decides to cut through their land since it is the shortest path to Peshawar. One of the members of the tribe calls out to their leader, Heyrtash, that the one they're after is the one with the silver mask. Narsus, who is watching not too far away, hears this as well.

Heyrtash Ep12

Heyrtash before being killed

The Zott Tribe then begins to ambushes Silver Mask and his party. Heyrtash demands that they leave their gold and swords, afterwards threatening Silver Mask directly with a blade directed to his throat. Silver Mask calmly asks why he should follow the orders of a savage which is neither recognizable as a man or a monkey. Before he can even attack, Heyrtash is killed by Silver Mask swiftly. His men, and daughter, all left speechless as they watch their leader fall. Silver Mask then says that he should consider it an honor to die by his hand, Heyrtash's blood still fresh on his blade.
Zott Tribe 1 Ep12

The Zott Tribe attacks

Zott Tribe 2 Ep12

A tribesman is defeated

Alfreed, Heyrtash's daughter, charges in first and attacks Silver Mask head on. The rest of the Zott Tribe following suit soon after. A battle ensues between the Lusitanian soldiers and the Zott tribesman. One by one, however, all of the tribesmen are killed except the leader's daughter. Once the rest of her men were down, Alfreed rushes Silver Mask only to miss with her first strike. When she swings again, her blade is blocked by Hilmes. He then asks her of her name and she responds, leading Silver Mask to respond that "Alfreed" is a name for a lady of royal or noble lineage. He then goes on to say that he might as well punish her for that fact. Alfreed tells him to go ahead and try, causing him to knock her sword away and dismount her from her horse. She tries rushing him once more, this time with a small dagger she kept on her right thigh, but missed the first time. When Alfreed rushed one more time, she was nearly impaled on Hilmes's sword, causing her to dodge but smack into the rocky cliff nearby.

Narsus Alfreed Ep12

Narsus requesting collateral from Alfreed for his sword

Silver Mask commends Alfreed on how well she moves and says that the same, however, can not be said of her men. Alfreed looks in horror to all of her dead tribesmen as Silver Mask says that this is what happens when bandits attempt to stand in the way of a king. Alfreed, on the verge of tears, can only spit at Silver Mask. However, before he can kill her, Narsus comes riding in, killing a few soldiers in the process. As Narsus takes Silver Mask's attention, Alfreed takes the time to escape. Silver Mask asks Narsus if he had wandered all the way to the borderlands because he was unable to make a living due to him being an inept painter. Narsus bites back that he is keeping Silver Mask company but he finds it a problem that they go closer to uninhabited lands. Silver Mask then asks where Arslan is only for Narsus to respond that he wouldn't mind telling him if Silver Mask were to die. As the two prepare to battle, Alfreed shows up between the two claiming that she will be the one to kill Silver Mask since he killed her family and friends. Narsus notes that she doesn't even have a sword causing Alfreed to ask him to lend her his. Narsus states that he wouldn't mind lending her his sword as long as she offers collateral. Alfreed angrily says that she's trying to avenge her father and that she shouldn't have to pay, branding Narsus as a miser that no woman would favor. Narsus then says that even if she had a sword, she would have no chance at beating Silver Mask, she would just die needlessly.

Alfreed Ep12

Alfreed considering Narsus's words

Arzhang Ep12

Mysterious man?

Alfreed then takes a moment to reflect on Narsus's words as he moved between her and Silver Mask, telling her to stay back. Silver Mask then prepares to fight Narsus, but Narsus quickly rides his horse away causing Silver Mask to take chase. As the two cross swords, the rest of the soldiers and Alfreed watch on. Silver Mask then calls Narsus by his name, Narsus acting surprised that he did the favor of remembering him, and then says that it's a shame that he has to kill him. He then offers Narsus a chance to live if he comes to serve him instead. Narsus only lets out a small laugh and says that although Silver Mask's has no equal in the land against his sword, his caliber leaves more to be desired if Narsus were to honor him. He continues to say that Arslan never gave Narsus the order to have him serve him. Silver Mask, with his pride slightly wounded, attempts to attack Narsus. But at that exact moment, a rock slide occurs and Narsus quickly flees. After the rock slide, the remaining soldiers find Silver Mask and his horse standing atop the pile of rocks, unharmed. Just then, a black shadow appears near Silver Mask. Out of the shadow comes a mysterious man in a black cloak.
Alfreed Narsus Ep12

Alfreed deciding to accompany Narsus

Later on, Narsus and Alfreed are shown to have retreated into the forest. Alfreed is grieving over the loss of her tribe as Narsus tells her that if she had attacked Silver Mask in rage, they might not have escaped as they did. Alfreed then says that if she doesn't live, she can never avenge her father or the deaths of her tribesmen. She then thanks Narsus saying that he's nicer than she first thought. The two then both formally introduce themselves to one another. They then continue to move on Narsus's horse as Alfreed says that the rock slide was a lucky coincidence. Narsus then reveals he in fact provoked the fall with a leather thong and a piece of wood and then explains the process he used to do so. Alfreed then complains that she doesn't really understand how it works but she is impressed by his ingenuity. Alfreed now asks Narsus about his age stating that she thought he was younger that twenty-five. She then says it's fine since they are exactly ten years apart in age and that it will be easy for her to remember and the age difference makes him more reliable. Alfreed then decides that she will travel with Narsus. Narsus asks if there are any other Zott Tribe members left and asks whether or not they need her. Alfreed just responds with a happy "No they don't!"

Meanwhile, within the Royal Capital of Ecbatana, we see the three major powers. There is the Archpriest Bodin and his Temple Knights, Guiscard, who has full support of the army and the ministers, and the King, Innocentius VII, who had lost the trust of his subjects for falling for the enemy's queen. As time continues to pass, the dissension between these three factions has grown deeper and deeper, an incident occurred. Hildigo, the Commander of Bodin's Knights and a well known opposer to king Innocentius's wedding, is found murdered. A furious Bodin, thinking that the king is responsible, confronts him and denounces him as a depraved. Bodin continues to harass the king, saying that God will surely smite him. The king, confused by Bodin's accusations, asks his brother to talk to the Archpriest in his place. Guiscard remarks that Hildigo was with a Parsian Woman at the time of his death, and that resulted in God's punishment. He continues to say that he doubts that anyone would bother listening to Bodin if word of this scandle were to spread. Guiscard then informs Bodin that the Flag of Yaldaboath has been remove from the City's entrance, and that the Knights of Bodin are of not use now since their leader was killed. Bodin, enraged, then curses Guiscard as a demon. So then Bodin and his Knights then leave the City, in direction of Maryam, a departure which pleases Guiscard.

Arslan Elam Ep12

Arlsan and Elam

The next day and we see Arslan, along with Gieve and Elam, continue on their way to Peshawar. Elam suggests that they rest if Arlsan is tired, but he says that he's fine. It's just that this is the farthest he has ever traveled in his entire life. Elam then asks if Arslan has ever heard of the legendary cities to the southwest. Arslan, intrigued by the topic, asks for more information. Elam explaines that far to the southwest of Pars, there is a vast desert of nothing. But beyond the desert is a City of Bronze and a City of Pillars which are only spoken of in legends. Elam continues to say that when he grows up, he hopes to visit these places for himself and study the lost history and legends. Arslan asks if that was his dream and Elam agrees leading Arslan to say that once Elam has investigated the history and the legends, he should share them him as well. Gieve then teases Elam about how close as a friend he has gotten to Arslan, Elam saying that it isn't like that. Gieve then announces to Arslan that they can now see Peshawar.

Daryun Falangies Ep12

Daryun about to face Xandes

We then see Farangis fighting off Lusitanian soldiers, saying that she dislikes garrulous men. Nearby, Daryun is shown easily killing two soldiers, one after the other. Xandes then arrives and claims Daryun as his pray, Daryun expecting as much. Xandes marks today the day he avenges his father and kills Daryun, Daryun saying that it was his father's fault for becoming a pawn for the Lusitanians and betraying Pars. Xandes the retorts that it was Andragoras that stole the throne and was not deserving of their service. After attempting to strike Daryun, Xandes declares that he is serving the rightful King of Pars. Daryun is then almost attacked by the mysterious man, but he narrowly dodged the assault. Farangis notices that the mysterious man is using Earth Travel Magic, a magic which allows him to dispel his body into the earth itself. Xandes questions who the man is and all he says is that they serve the same master and that he is there to aid Xandes in battle. Xandes says he can do as he likes as Farangis fires an arrow in an attempt to kill the man. He disappears once more and Farangis states that it will be troublesome to defeat him. Falangies is surprised that Lusitania had sorcerers of that sort in Lusitania.

Daryun Xandes Ep12

Daryun fighting Xandes

Just then, Xandes rushes in and attempts to kill Farangis, she then dismounts her horse and lands within a circle of Lusitanian soldiers. Xandes deems the two as traitors for serving the son of an usurper as he attacks Daryun, claiming to be the true loyal subjects of Pars. Daryun says that he doesn't care who Xandes's master is and that Arslan's origins don't matter. Suddenly, the mysterious man appears from below and attempts to kill Daryun mid-sentence. Daryun manages to dodge but is then attacked head on by Xandes. Blocking Xandes's sword with his spear, the mysterious man appears from behind to kill him once and for all. Just at that moment, however, Arslan comes in to save him by attacking the mysterious man. The mysterious man then attacks Arslan, knocking him off of his horse and leading him to be caught by Elam. As Xandes believes he caught Daryun off guard, Daryun is able to force Xandes off of his horse. The mysterious man then used his magic to travel towards Arslan and Elam, raising his blade to ready his attack. At the same time, Daryun rushes through the area, killing every soldier in his way, to keep the man away from Arslan. Over on the side, Gieve kills all the soldiers which Farangis was fighting against. Xandes then charges Daryun one more time only to be dismounted, again, but this time by the end of his spear. Xandes tries to run away but is hit by an arrow in his back shot by Farangis, who calls him a coward, and falls off the mountain.

Arslan Ep12

Arslan saying that it isn't the same without Daryun by his side

Daryun 2 Ep12

Daryun vowing to himself to protect Arslan

Daryun apologizes to Arslan for putting him in danger to which Arslan replies that it's alright seeing as he has been saved by Daryun a number of times. We then see Gieve trying his best to woo Farangis, but to no avail. Farangis saying that Gieve is a man that will survive even if it means cheating the gods of the heavens. Arslan then says that it just isn't the same without Daryun by his side. Daryun then strengthens his resolve saying that the throne doesn't matter, he is fighting for the sake of Arslan himself.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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