The Two Princes
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Season 1 Episode 13
Kanji 王子二人
Rōmaji Ouji Futari
English The Two Princes
Air Date June 29, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Ending One Light
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The Two Princes (王子二人 Ouji Futari? ) is the 13th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


Arslan's group finally arrives at Peshawar, where the force here pledge allegiance. However, problems appears quickly as The Silver Mask too.


Arslan and his party are still being pursued by the Lusitanian Cavalry, however, they are not far away from the Peshawar. Suddenly, the Parsian Cavalry which is under the command of Kishward, averted by Narsus and Alfreed, arrive and chase away the pursuers. When Narsus rejoins the group, Arlsan asks who the person he has with him. Alfreed then proceeds to present herself to the others as Narsus's wife, a fact which took most by surprise while enraging Elam.

They arrive at Peshawar and are greeted by Kishward and Bahman, the commanding Marzban at the fortress, who then proceed to pledge their allegiance to Arslan along with their troops. Arslan then promises to gather an army in order to repulse the Lusitanians from their capital.

Afterwards, Arslan finds Gieve complaining about how he had to escort Arslan and Elam while Daryun travelled with Farangis. Arslan, instead of questioning the bards motives, he thank him for all of his help. Meanwhile, Farangis gives Alfreed advice on how she shouldn't bother Narsus if she want him to love her. Soon after, Elam and Alfreed begin to quarrel about his status.

The next days, Arslan is informed by Bahman and other generals that an army can't be raised because of certain factors. Narsus tries to learn the reason why they are restricted, but Bahman feigns anger and leaves the room to avoid further questioning. Daryun is then informed by Kishward that Bahman receive a letter from Vahriz before the Battle of Atropatene. As he was contemplating the region, Arslan is attacked by Silver Mask who has infiltrated the fortress. He disarms Arslan after a quick sword fight leading Arslan to defend himself with nothing but a nearby lit torch. Silver Mask is strangely repulsed when Arslan uses the torch. Farangis then comes to the rescue after shooting an arrow. Followed successively by Narsus, Kishward and Daryun. As Silver Mask charges in order to stab Arslan, Bahman saves him by receiving the blow in his place.

It is then revealed that Bahman was the old sword instructor of Silver Mask. The dying Baqhman prevents Daryun from attacking again the Silver Mask, stating that if he does, the royalty bloodline will be lost. The Silver Mask escape, not before revealing his name: Hilmes, the true King of Pars. Bahman wishes Arslan to be a good King before dying. Not longer after, a messenger inform them that a thousand Shindra soldiers are crossing the frontier.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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