The Foreign Prince
Season 1 Episode 15
Kanji シンドゥラの黒豹
Rōmaji Shindoura no kurohyō
English The Black Leopard of Shindhura
Air Date July 19, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Black Leopard of Shindhura (シンドゥラの黒豹 Shindoura no kurohyō? ) is the 15th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


The Parsian troops continue their campaign in Sindhra and must pass a fortress while a Sindhuran guide is introduced to them. However, The guide is not who he claims to be, though Arslan's party finally realize that.


Passing the Sindhuran Border, Parsian Troops lead repulse Gadevi's force. After the latter retreat, Arslan is joins by Rajendra deploring Kishward's absence.
The Parsian troops then participated in a Ceremony leady by Arslan celebrating the New Year. Rajendra joins the Parsian's camp and proposes that the Parsian troops and his own will march on the capital via differents paths. Arslan discuss this with his party, and they all came to the conclusion that Rajendra went to use Arslan's force as diversionary force. They advises Arslan to accept Rajendra's offer in exchange of a guide. Later, before the depart of the Parsian Army, Gieve confronts and fights Jaswants, the guide sent by Rajendra and is easily beaten. The Scene is seen by Narsus and Daryun.
The Parsian troops continue their march are stop by the Fortress of Gujarat . Narsus decides to sent Gieve and Jaswant as messenger, proposing the Lord Fortress Commander Gauvin Land and Title if they swear loyalty to Rajendra and let them pass. Jaswant and Gieve rest to the fortress for a fest as The Lord Fortress Commander and his second, Lieutenant Fortress Commander Taara, are discussing the proposision. They are interrupted by Jaswant, who reveals his true alligeance and the Parsian true plan : Passing by the Fortress of Gujarat during the night when the besieged are discussing the Proposition. The New enraged the commanders. Jaswant tells them his own plan to stop them : They would attack the supply train at the rear of column from behind to prevent the Parsian's advance; the signal of the attack will be a fire made by Jaswant.
During the night, the parsian are indeed trying to pass. Gieve prevents Jaswant to made the signal and easily defeat him, revealing the first fight was an act and that Jaswant's true loyalty was knows since the beginning. The Fortress Commander decides to attack as the column will be out of reach, however archers are reveals to be hiding inside the baggage of the supply train : The Shinduran Troops are then attack by Daryun's cavalry. After seeing his second kill by a arrow, The Fortress Lord Commander try to to kill Arslan in a daring charge, but is killed by a spear launch by Daryun before he could reach him. Inside the Taken Fortress, Arslan interrogates the captured Jaswant, who reveals that he obey his orders because he considered his superior as his Father and is then set free. After facing a dispute between Elam and Alfreed on the food, he talk with Daryun; they decide Arslan is probably not Andragoras's son, but for the sake of the Kingdom of Pars, he must become King.
Inform of the Fortress's fall, Gadevi follow Mahendra's advice and decide to use his war elephants to crush his enemy. At the fortress, Arslan realizes he is certainly not Andragoras's son and receives once again Daryun's loyalty.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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