The Duel Before The Gods
Season 1 Episode 17
Kanji 神前決闘
Rōmaji Kami mae kettō
English The Duel Before the Gods
Air Date August 2, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Duel Before the Gods (神前決闘 Kami mae kettō? ) is the 17th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


A duel is called by the king to end the dispute between the two princes. Daryun, chosen as Rajendra's proxy, battles Bahadur, a massive and vicious warrior released by Gadevi from prison to be his proxy, and wins after a hard fight.
However, Gadevi, not pleased with the result, turns against his own father and Arslan's party must fight for their lives amidst the chaos ensued.


Daryun says to Rajendra the Duel is dull for him, but he will serve as his Proxy if Arslan wants it. Arslan states to Rajendra he will do whatever he can for the latter to win the throne, which means he agrees to have Daryun serve as Rajendra's proxy.

Arslan and his Party arrive at the Capital, where they receive a coldly reception from the population. When he heard Daryun will serve as Rajendra's proxy, Gadevi orders Bahadur, a monster, to be released from jail to serve as his own Proxy, contrary to Mahendra's will.
At the Arena, Rajendra greets Arslan who salutes the King of Shindura in the Royal Tribune. Daryun enters the Arena but he is surprised to see Bahadur : A giant who possesses a big cream and an big Ax. Rajendra assures Arslan and his friends Daryun will easily beat Bahadur.
The Duel begins and Bahadur quickly pushes Daryun's shield away, but the latter manages to hurt him. However, Bahadur gets up quickly, showing no pain to his injury. Bahadur then nearly beheads Daryun with his Ax. He keeps attacking Daryun and breaks the latter's sword, who manages again to hurt Bahadur, but again the latter feels no pain. This fact enrages Arslan, who threatens Rajendra : he will kill him and Bahadur and hang their bodies if Daryun is killed but Karikala reveals to Arslan that Gadevi's only choice was Bahadur when Daryun was already chosen. Karikala then states to Gadevi he would have made him Crown Prince a long time ago if he would have cared for his men even half as much as Prince Arslan does.
Bahadur's attack has pushed Daryun near a burning pit which burns his cap and he appears to be near defeated. However, when Bahadur is about to deliver the final blow, Daryun lances his burning cape to his face, preventing him of fighting correctly, he then seize his opponent's arm and take out a hidden short sword : He kills Bahadur by pressing his sword in his neck.

Rajendra's followers and Arslan cheer Daryun, but Gadevi refuses the result of the duel : He draws out his sword toward the King, who is defended by Rajendra, and orders his soldiers to kill Rajendra. A fight soon begins and the Parsians carrying in the fight in opposition of their will. During the fight, Arslan is nearly killed by a soldiers of Gadevi, but is saved by Jaswant who slits his attacker's throat and takes him to safety.
At the Royal Tribune, Mahendra tries to convince Gadevi to stop the fighting and plead allegiance to Rajendra, but Gadevi cuts down his loyal Vizier; this attack shocks the soldiers of all board, and Daryun gives a speech about the sacred Duel before the Gods to convince them to stop the fighting. Rajendra orders the arrest of Gadevi who is taken away and abandoned by his troops.
Jaswant runs to the dying Mahendra and the former asks Jaswant to not chose the wrong liege to serve as he did, before apologizing for not having help him when he could and finally succumbs to Jaswant's great grief.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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