The Glory of Ecbatana
Ep1 Arslan Etoile
Season 1 Episode 1
Kanji エクバターナの栄華
Rōmaji Ekubatāna no Eiga
English The Glory of Ecbatana
Air Date April 5, 2015
Written By Noriyuki Abe
Directed By Noriyuki Abe
Related Chapter/s Chapter 1
Ending Lapis Lazuli
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Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle
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The Glory of Ecbatana (エクバターナの栄華 Ekubatāna no Eiga? ) is the 1st episode of the Arslan Senki anime series. This episode corresponds to Chapter 1 of Hiromu Arakawa's manga.


Prince Arslan from the Kingdom of Pars finds himself into a predicament when a young prisoner from the nation of Lusitania holds him hostage in an attempt to escape.


The events take place in Pars Era, Year 317.

When Pars' ally, Maryam, was invaded by the Lusitanian Army, it responded by sending a force of 300,000 strong under the command of Parsian King Andragoras III against them. With little to no difficulty, the Parsian Army crushed the Lusitanian Army.

The Crown Prince of Pars, Prince Arslan, undergoes combat training with Supreme Commander Vahriz. When the prince was disarmed, he calls his opponent cruel, using a skilled maneuver against him. The commander, however, did not consider his trifling moves as a maneuver and states that they were merely "fundamental sword strokes". He then warns Arslan that if he does not cultivate those fundamentals, his maneuvers would be less powerful. He tells him to master those fundamentals so as to be able to fight in the battlefield.

Arslan complains that combat training is not fun, asking Vahriz why he did not accompany Andragoras on his campaign against the Lusitanian Army. He replies that safeguarding the Royal Capital of Ecbatana was the duty that he has been assigned upon on the occasion. He warns that many kingdoms intend on capturing the Ecbatana, so they are not to let their guards down. Arslan states that if he was really busy, he would not have the time to do combat training with him on a daily basis. Vahriz is disgusted, stating that if the crown prince were to have such lackluster ambitions, he would never become a fine king.

After witnessing a troop assembly, he attempts to talk with his mother Queen Tahamine, but she cuts him off and continues with her business. He is then puzzled about what does it mean to be a fine king.

The Parsian Army returns to Ecbatana, receiving resounding cheers from the people and taking Lusitanian soldiers as prisoners of war. Among the prisoners of war is Etoile, a soldier who has barely reached his teens. Arslan approaches his father, being glad that he was safe. His father, however, coldly states that "defeat was never a possibility", causing Arslan to feel saddened.

Arslan visits the slave quarters of Ecbatana, stating that it would be a great opportunity to speak to Lusitanians personally. He is interested and wants to know about the other kingdoms and their people. He attempts to talk with the Lusitanians, but they are violent towards him. The slave masters warn them that if they wanted to live, they are to do as they were told.

Meanwhile, Etoile is being held in a small cage at the back alley. Three Parsian children attempt to give him a good trashing, so that he would not defy the Parsians again. Etoile, however, uses a blade concealed in one of his shoes to break free of the ropes. During his escape, he encounters Arslan, threatening to slit the throats of one of the children if he were to attack him. Arslan insists on negotiation, asking Etoile if there was any chance of letting the child go. Etoile then captures Arslan and rushes out of the back alley into the streets, escaping from the Parsian Army's continuous pursuits.

When Etoile was almost going to fall from a great height, Arslan manages to save him. At the end of the incident, however, they realize that they were holding hands. Etoile, attempting to let go of his hand, attacks him. Arslan does not take offence, and instead continues their escape.

During their escape, Arslan asks Etoile why did he run away. He stated that if he submitted quietly, he would never want for food, and have a better life than back at their own country. Etoile is offended, asking Arslan whether or not he was calling his own country poor. Arslan asked him that if his country was not poor, why would children have to go for military service, to which Etoile replied that he was already eleven and was a full-fledged warrior. Etoile tells Arslan that he strongly disapproves of slavery and that all humans are equal, but Arslan finds his claim ironic as Etoile believes that heathens can be treated differently and killed.

After a period of extended pursuit, Etoile manages to escape the walls of Ecbatana. He steals a horse and rides it back to Lusitania. Calvary Captain Daryun appears, attempting to shoot the escaping Etoile, but is then stopped by Arslan who gets in his range of fire.

The three children who resulted in Etoile's escape and their parents are seen begging Arslan to spare them. Without hesitation, Arslan orders them to be spared. The three children are grateful and promise to join the Parsian Army afterwards. He then witnesses the slave masters dragging dead Lusitanian slaves into horse carts. When Arslan questions one of them, he states that "Lusitanians are the same as animals". He goes back to the palace.

Daryun talks with Arslan, requesting him to appoint one of his friends into his service, but then recoils after a while. Arslan states that his father's reign would last for a long time and he could not begin to imagine ascending the throne. He believes that as long as Andragoras was alive, the kingdom of Pars would be safe and that it would seem to be a while before he could meet Daryun's friend.

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