The True Face of a Knight
Season 1 Episode 20
Kanji 騎士の素顔
Rōmaji Kishi no sugao
English The True Face of a Knight
Air Date August 23, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The True Face of a Knight (騎士の素顔 Kishi no sugao? ) is the 20th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime Series.


Since Arslan's declaration, many lords and Generals respond and come to Peshawar such as Lucian, Zaravant, Esfan and Tus. Meanwhile, a Lusitanian soldier infiltrates the Citadel in order to spy on the Parsians.


Pars Era, the year 321, April Edit

Prince Arslan issued the Decree to pursue, destroy Lusitania, and Decree to free the slaves, prompting numerous lords and generals across the country to arrive in order of Lucian, Zaravant, Tus, and Esfan as they pledge their loyalty to his highness. Nearby, Alfreed and Farangis watch the proceedings, mentioning of the many soldiers that will arrive overflowing the Citadel as well as discuss living in a momentous period in history.

Later in the night, Elam, Narsus and Daryun discuss the appearance of all the cavalries that had come. Surprised by the countless Parsians, Narsus claims that the Lords are serving Arslan, hoping to abandon the decrees and the more problems occurring throughout the castle. Meanwhile, Zaravant has gone to talk with Arslan, but is refused by Jaswant. This refusal then causes a fight between the two to break out until Kishward arrives, putting both his blades against them. Arslan soon comes to the room with Elam, Narsus, and Daryun after learning of the quarrel between Jaswant and Zaravant, realizing of the many problems happening within the citadel. Wishing to solve the problem, Arslan questions Narsus of what he must do. Narsus answers, telling the young prince to demote him from his position as the Satruyp and to give it to Lord Lucien.

The next day, the Camp of Arslan brings Lucien to join their discussion about Prince Hilmes working with the Lusitanians. Despite learning of the other Prince's survival, Lucien vows to support Arslan as the crown prince of Pars. Arslan begins speaking of the suppose rumor of his father killing the previous king, rethinking Hirmes choice for revenge. After the meeting, Daryun and Narsus debate about Arslan's burdens and his bloodline of royalty, conversing about quickly finding his resolve.

Back in Zabul Castle lies the dead bodies of the Lusitanian's Temple Knights as Hilmes's cavalry has taken over the area. They then learn that Bodin has abandoned his men and fled the fortress. Hilmes remarks that the soldiers are being forsaken by their God and commander, calling them "poor wretches." Elsewhere, not far from the Peshawar Citadel, a squad of Lusitanian soldiers are camping out, mentioning about being ordered to scout the Parsian castle. They soon began talking about Etoile volunteering to do the mission himself just as he arrives. Etoile tells his men to rest so he could go in alone to infiltrate the Parsians. The young Lusitanian remembers talking with Barcacion and being placed by his grandfather under the lord's care. Barcacion pleads with Etoile to refuse the mission, however, fails to do so. Etoile begins to remove his head wear, soon revealing himself as a female. She begins questioning herself about how to become a fine knight, for the sake of the people of Lusitania. Etoile, now dressed properly in feminine clothing, plans to join the other Parsian females to go to Peshawar Citadel, where a feast is being held.

Successfully making it into the Citadel, Etoile poses as a maiden and serves drinks to soldiers. She is soon flirted by a soldier as he touches her, making her become offended by him, shouting in rage before reforming to her cover disguise, urging the soldier more wine. Nearby, she listens to a conversation discussing the proposal of freeing the slaves. Soon, Zaravant exclaims, saying that they will invade Ecbatana to retake the Royal Capital, making many soldiers cheer on. Outside, Etoile angrily remarks of the Parsians soldiers celebrating before going into battle. Hearing the young woman's words, Alfreed agrees, surprising Etoile. Alfreed introduces herself as apart of the Camp of Arslan and Narsus's lover, causing Etoile to freak out. After Aldreed leaves, the same soldier that flirted with Etoile arrives obviously drunk and grabs her hand, stating himself as a knight. She discriminates him of his position, stating a knights duties. Enraging the soldier, he snatches her by the shirt until she flips him over. Etoile quickly becomes paranoid of what she has just done, thinking of different ways to cover-up her offense, however is quickly stopped when Prince Arslan interrupts her thoughts. She recognizes him as the pampered boy from when she first escaped Ecbatana, although he doesn't seem recognize her as the slave boy from before. Arslan says that the soldier was giving her unwanted attention and places his unconscious body near a tree, saying that someone else will come along and help him. The prince then quickly takes her away from the citadel before she can cause anything to stir up. Meanwhile, Gieve watches from a distant window.

They stop on the Citadel's rampart, Arslan questions why Etoile is working as a maiden, she quickly covers up using a fake story. Arslan then says that he would have a doctor help her with her family, but Etoile refuses the help from a heathen, the comment confusing Arslan. They begin talking of the many soldiers in the Citadel, which he replies by saying they will all be going to battle. She ask if he will be going to battle which Arslan answers that he will, Etoile responds with why, making him recall his first meeting with the Lusitanian boy three years ago. Arslan states that he has learned the good and bad parts of Pars and how he wants to change them. Etoile tells him that it his not his job to fix the problems of the country, but the king's. He remarks how the conversation between them reminded him of the one with the Lusitanian boy, which she quickly disregards. Arslan soon takes Etoile to the merchants wagons and tells her to hide in one of them for she could leave. Before leaving, she warns him to be careful when he goes into war, Arslan thanks her before leaving. Etoile then thinks about how she still doesn't know the boy's name, but she hopes that they don't meet again on the battlefield. Later on in his room, Arslan opens the drawer and retrieves the Lusitanian bible which he was given before.

In the morning, Arslan enters gathering Daryun, Narsus, Kishward and Lucien, proclaiming they will take Pars back from the Lusitanians and gives no intention of yielding the throne to Hilmes, despite his bloodlines. But overcomes, by stating his dream of making Pars a better country is better than his for the purpose of which the Decree to Free the Slaves exist. Narsus ask, if the prince has discovered his resolve. Answering, Arslan request the men to aid his dream as the four shall serve his highness achievements.


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