Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle
Ep2 Arslan Battlefield
Season 1 Episode 2
Kanji 十四歳、初陣
Rōmaji Jūyon-sai, Uijin
English Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle
Air Date April 12, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Related Chapter/s Chapter 2
Opening Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai Kore wa Boku-tachi no Kotoba
Ending Lapis Lazuli
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Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle (十四歳、初陣 Jūyon-sai, Uijin? ) is the 2nd episode of the Arslan Senki anime series. This episode corresponds to Chapter 2 of Hiromu Arakawa's manga.


Now fourteen years old, Arslan takes part in his first battle against Lusitania, and all odds seem at the Parsian army's favor, until his father, the King Andragoras III, falls victim to treason by Kharlan, one of his generals.


The events take place three years after Etoile escaped from Ecbatana.

Before the Battle Edit

Arslan and Vahriz are in middle of a sword training in the palace. A messenger appears, informing them that a battle was going to take place soon. He tells them that the Lusitanian Army has taken over their ally Maryam and that the Parsian Army has to stop their advance.

Andragoras leads the Parsian Army to stop the invading Lusitanian Army, alongside the other generals of the Parsian Army such as Vahriz, Karlan, Kubard, Shapur and Daryun. The army consists of 85,000 horsemen and 138,000 footmen. Arslan worries about the weather conditions when he sees General Kishward's hawk Azrael's wet feathers, but Karlan reassures him that he has scouted the area.

Arslan travels a distance away from the army and talks to three footmen under his control. The three footmen were the children that he spared three years ago. After the incident, the children aspired to join the Parsian Army, and stated that they would sacrifice themselves for him. He rebuts their idea, stating that he wants all of them to be able to return to Ecbatana. Soon later, Vahriz joins the group, telling him that they should not travel too far away from the rest of the soldiers. Then, they are approached by a messenger who informs Vahriz that his nephew has incurred Andragoras' wrath.

Arslan and Vahriz enter the tent. Daryun is seen as advising Andragoras to retreat, believing that the Lusitanian Army has set up a trap with the assistance from a traitorous Parsian. Vahriz punishes him and begs Andragoras to forgive his nephew, stating that he "has behaved with no manners to speak of". Andragoras agrees to do so if he can prove his worth in the upcoming battle.

A short time after the incident, Daryun tells his uncle Vahriz that Andragoras "could stand to show a little more consideration towards [Arslan]" and that "he treats him too harshly at every turn". His uncle is dissatisfied, asking him whether or not he was "looking to be beheaded". His uncle then states that when he believes that he is right, his words "become anything but charming". Vahriz then requests him to swear his loyalty to Arslan for him, to which he does.

The horns are blown, and the army assembles immediately.

During the Battle Edit

Andragoras asks Kharlan the size of the attacking Lusitanian Army. He replies that they have an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 cavalry and roughly 80,000 to 90,000 footmen. Andragoras is surprised, stating that as the Lusitanian Army fought battle after battle, their numbers should have diminished. Kharlan states that reinforcements from home must have swelled up in numbers, resulting in the large number of troops.

A messenger informs Andragoras that the Lusitanian Army is approximately eight amaj (2 kilometers, 1.24 miles) away. Andragoras questions Kharlan regarding the matter, to which he responds that before the Parsian Army lies a vast plain without any dips or rises.

Regardless of the huge number of enemies and the fog in front of them, the Parsian Army charges forward. Suddenly, a large number of the troops fell into a trench hidden by the fog. To the dismay of the Parsian Army, the trench was filled with oil, and a flurry of flaming arrows spelled the end of the troops that fell in. The Parsian Army ends up rerouting to find another front to fight the Lusitanian Army. After finding another way, they are ambushed by another flurry of arrows that came from a fortress nearby.

Arslan escapes the frontlines, witnessing the massive amount of bloodshed in horror.

Despite his escape, Arslan is caught by a Lusitanian horseman. Arslan subdues him with great difficulty. When he killed the horseman, he felt a great deal of guilt, and the idea that he needed to kill in order to survive sickened him. Having enough of the violence on the battlefield, he yearns to return home. He calls the names of his comrades, hoping that they can bring him back home.

Shortly later, Kharlan charges towards the prince and reveals that he was a traitor. He attacks him, much to his horror. Daryun later appears to rescue him, slashing at the Lusitanian troops that were in his way.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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