Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 14
Country Lusitania
Position Page
Relatives unknown
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Blond (Anime)
Eye Color Caramel (Anime)
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Yumi Uchiyama (Anime)

Ester (エステル Esuteru) is a character who poses as the squire Etoile (エトワール Etowāru? ) and is from Lusitania. She was captured after a battle between Pars and Lusitania and taken hostage as a slave, but escapes later on.


Etoile Ch01

Etoile's first appearance in chapter 1

Etoile's first appearance shows her with light colored, short and messy hair. Her eyes are large, much like Arslan's, but are sharper in comparison. She was first shown wearing very ragged and dirty clothes due to being a prisoner of war. She also had hidden blades within the heel of her boot, which aided in her escape. When appearing again, She appears somewhat the same, aside from growing taller, only difference being that she now sports a Lusitanian soldier's armor.


Etoile is shown as a tough and stubborn Lusitanian.  She is a firm Yaldabaoth believer, stating her beliefs out loud proudly on multiple occasions. She is also shown to be gullible believing in ridiculous rumors about Prince Arslan. Despite being brash and hot-headed, she is shown to be good-mannered and kind compare to other Lusitanian.



She kidnaps Arslan, thinking Arslan is "the pampered son of a prominent family," without realizing Arslan is actually the prince of Pars. She escapes in the first episode, being almost killed by an arrow that Daryun shot, but Daryun missed due to Arslan distracting him. Arslan and Etoile will reunite after 3 years[1], Etoile becoming a page under lord Guiscard, the younger brother of Innocentius VII, the king of Lusitania. She was searching for her friends that were taken as slaves the same time she was, but finds out from Arslan that they were killed after Etoile escaped[2]. After learning the fate of her friends, Etoile doesn't threaten Arslan, but instead gives him a Bible of Lustinia, and tells him that if he converts, she will welcome Arslan to the castle and even treat him to dinner[3].


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