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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 23 (Pars era 320)[1]
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Warrior Priestess
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue (OVA Series)
Green (2013 Manga and Anime)
Anime Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese Masako Katsuki (OVA)

Maaya Sakamoto (Anime)

English Pamela Merrick (OVA, Manga UK dub)
Simone Grant (OVA, CPM dub)
Rachel Robinson (TV anime)
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Farangis (ファランギース Farangīsu? ) is one of the main characters of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. She is a priestess of the Temple of Mithra. She is also a member of the Camp of Arslan.


In all adaptations Farangis is depicted to possess glossy dark hair. She is also portrayed to be a very curvaceous individual who has sharp eyes and small red lips.

Her outfit consists of a revealing white top with a draped hood, a white skirt, a white cape, and thigh-high brown boots. She wears red, teardrop-shaped earrings in both of her ears and wears a whistle around her neck to communicate with the Djinn.

She is described as "exquisitely beautiful" by Gieve.


In the beginning, Farangis is shown to be a cold and aloof individual. She is very formal and respectful towards her teammates (with an exception to Gieve). Towards Lusitanian enemies, she is ruthless and kills anyone who stands in her or Arslan's way. To her companions, however, she is shown to have a somewhat sisterly disposition (especially with Alfreed) along with a supportive and considerate heart. While stoic, she has a subtle sense of humor as shown in several different circumstances (again, especially when it comes to Gieve). In Japanese, first-person singular pronoun she uses is "私 Watashi".



Although Gieve constantly tries to seduce Farangis, either by singing or showering her with praise and poetry, she always rejects him. She holds a cold, fairly disapproving attitude towards Gieve, but it does not seem to be hateful. In fact, later on, in the anime adaptation, it's even subtly implied that her initial opinions of him have changed as shown through her reaction after his return.


Farangis greatly respects Arslan out of her vow to protect him as the crown prince.


Farangis respects Daryun as a warrior. She feels fairly comfortable around him, as shown by her teasing him about being "too soft" when he didn't kill Kharlan's son Xandes. This results in Gieve thinking Farangis likes Daryun and is jealous of seeing them together, although she never gave any clear hint of that.


As they're both girls, they seem to be comfortable around each other, as Alfarīd discussed with Farangis about her relationship with Narsus. Alfarīd doesn't seem to see Farangis as a rival for Narsus' affections, but seems to envy her well-endowed figure.


  1. Book 16 Infinite Sky and World (天涯無限 Tengai Mugen? )



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