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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 22
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Priestess
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Anime Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese Maaya Sakamoto (TV anime)
English Rachel Robinson (TV anime)

Farangis (ファランギース Farangīsu? ) is one of the main characters of the anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. She is a priestess of the Temple of Mithra. She is also a member of the Camp of Arslan.


She is depicted with long black hair and sharp green eyes. Her small red lips are shining and she has got huge breasts. She also wears red earrings in both ears.

Her outfit consists of a revealing white top with a draped hood, a white skirt, a white cape, and thigh-high brown boots. She wears red, teardrop-shaped earrings in both of her ears and wears a whistle around her neck to communicate with the Djinn.

She is described as "exquisitely beautiful" by Gieve.


Although she has a cold and aloof attitude, Farangis is very formal and respectful towards her teammates (except for Gieve, whom she harbors an indifferent attitude towards).

She doesn't like how the Lusitanians force their beliefs upon others and thinks that their savagery is truly inhuman. Towards Lustanian enemies, she is ruthless and kills any who stand in Arslan's way.


Prince Arslan Takes a Stand[]

While she was riding on the road, some Lusitanian soldiers came and told her to stop. Farangis didn’t stop and after she passed them, she started to kill them with her bow and another man appeared and killed the rest. Farangis ignored him when he called her madam and beautiful lady, but when he called her an exquisite beauty, she finally looked at him. He introduced himself as a travelling musician Gieve and started to praise her beauty and talent in martial arts. She tried to ignore him but Gieve didn’t give up and she finally said that she is a priestess in the Temple of Mithra called Farangis. When he asked her why she is here, she said


that she is looking for Prince Arslan. She said that her temple was a donation made in Prince Arslan’s name upon his birth and it was High Kahina’s dying wish to protect the Prince, if anything befell His Highness. Gieve wanted to come with her but she didn’t want him to. She blew a whistle and said that Gieve can do as he please. They found Kharlan’s army and Farangis started to follow them thinking that they may know Arslan’s whereabouts.

On their way, she fought with Narsus, but when he introduced him, Farangis

Falangies saving Arslan.png

apologised and introduced herself. Narsus let her and Gieve, who was hiding behind a tree, join them. During the ambush Farangis killed lots of soldiers and saved Arslan’s life once. Se then introduced herself with Gieve. Narsus said that they must leave before Kharlan’s men come back. Before leaving, Arslan wanted Farangis to offer up an elegy for the death of Kharlan and his men, surprising Gieve. She accepted and started to sing.

While Gieve was standing on watch, Farangis came and gave him something to eat. He told her that they are linked by an invisible thread as he was just thinking about food, Farangis told him that it was Elam who prepared it and there aren’t any threads between them. She told him that she will take over his duty because he must be tired but he refused and said that he can’t possibly be tired while protecting Farangis. They suddenly heard a voice and she saw some Lusitanian soldiers.

Kashan Fortress[]


After Narsus and Daryun returned from Ecbatana, they reported what happened and said that the King and the Queen is alive. Then Arslan and Narsus talked about the ways to get more allies. In the morning, the company started to ride their horses at full speed because the Lusitanians were chasing them. Farangis stated that the wind became their ally, and started to kill some Lusitanians. After a while, Daryun returned and told everyone to follow him. Suddenly, they heard the voice of a horn and a Parsian army appeared. The archers killed lots of Lusitanians and forced them to retreat.

Farangis entered Kashan Fortress with his company and a feast was ready for them. Gieve asked Farangis what is she thinking about Hodir, and Farangis told him that he is a man of lots of words. Gieve stated that the more he speaks the more he reveals, and Farangis told Gieve that Hodir is just like him in that way. After the feast, they went to their rooms and started discussing about Hodir. She looked at the djinn, but something wasn’t right. She opened the window, and saw Gieve. She tried to push him down, but Gieve told her that he has got a message from Narsus, and when Farangis asked it why he didn’t enter from the window,he stated that this is more romantic. After a while, Arslan called to his companions and said that they will leave immediately. Farangis and others came out and they tried to get out of the castle, but Hodir followed them and apologised to Arslan. He wanted his men to lead his horse out, but Farangis and Gieve killed them as they were carrying concealed daggers. Soldiers came out and they started to fight. Daryun killed Hodir before he reached Arslan and after seeing this, his soldiers stopped fighting.

Before they left, Arslan tried to free the slaves but they were angry as Arslan had killed their master. After they escaped, they set a camp for the night in the woods.

Road to Peshawar[]

In the night, Farangis told Arslan that the djinn are in foul mood, so their enemies must be nearby. The Party really came under attack of Lusitanian soldiers and in the confusion, Daryun charged at them alone, but Farangis also decided to help him. They fought their way off until they met the soldiers's leader; Xandes, the son of Kharlan. Xandes unhorsed her before engaging Daryun. She managed to get up and killed Xandes's horse in one shot, and Daryun knocked him down. While escaping, Farangis stated that Daryun hesitated to kill Xandes.

They kept evading their Lusitanians pursuers and tried to regroup with the other party's members and repulse them until Parsian reinforcement from Peshawar under command of Kishward sent fleeing away the Lusitanian. While they were headed to Peshawar, Xandes’s group caught up with them once again. Farangis shot Xandes in the back, leaving his fate unknown. She then went the Peshawar Fortress with Arslan and others.

As they got closer to Peshawar, the Lusitanians layed numerous ambushes for them. Before the last ambush, Kishward and Narsus appeared with soldiers on their sides. Kishward killed lots of them and forced the Lusitanians to retreat. Kishward welcomed Arslan and his company to Peshawar. 

Two Princes[]

When they entered Peshawar, the soldiers started to salute Arslan, but the company was shocked as Alfreed stated that she is Narsus’ wife. Narsus stated that they got everything wrong and asked Alfreed to explain. She said that they aren’t officially married, so she is his lover. This shocked the company even more. Narsus said that he just saved her when she was getting attacked and tried to avoid further questions. Bahman and Kishward came and welcomed Arslan and when Arslan told them that he intends to fight, Kishward stated that the 80,000 soldiers in Peshawar will swear their loyalty to Arslan.

While she was making more arrows, Alfreed came into her room and started to talk about Elam. Farangis asked her if she likes Narsus or not and Alfreed boldly asked if there is something wrong with that. Farangis told her that if she likes him, she best not proves a hindrance to him as he is busy with building a new kingdom. Alfreed boldly stated that building a new kingdom is meaningless. She stated that it will only create new nobles and more slaves, but Farangis told her that ‘’her’’ Narsus may find a way to overcome those things and stated that Alfreed fell in love with her because he is that kind of man. Alfreed started to blush and this made Farangis smile.

Farangis saw a man with a silver mask was attacking Prince Arslan, she came to Arslan’s help and charged at Silvermask. The man tried to escape but Narsus appeared to fight with him. Silvermask jumped down but Kishward attacked him and said that he will slay anyone who invades the castle and started to attack him and forced him back. He once again jumped down, but Daryun and Narsus confronted him there. While they were fighting, Arslan once again told him to say who he is. The Silvermask stated that he is the son of the previous king Osroes, Hilmes. While everyone was shocked by this, Hilmes defeated Farangis and charged at Arslan, but Bahman protected him by taking the blow on himself. Bahman told Hilmes to withdraw and he did. Bahman told Arslan to become a good king and died. Suddenly, a soldier came and reported that a Shinduran force numbering 20 to 30 thousand is breaching the border under the cover of night.


Farangis is a very good markswoman, being able to hit a very distant target with a Arrow, her favorite weapon. Farangis also uses short sword as weapon, and use them easily as she was able to counter Narsus, a skilled fighter for a few seconds.