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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 24
Status Deceased
Country Shindra
Position Prince
Relatives Rajendra (Younger Half-Brother)

Karikala II (father)

Physical Attributes
Hair Color None (2013 Manga and Anime) Dark brown (OVA)
Eye Color Purple
Anime Episode 14
Voice Actor
Japanese Susumu Chiba (Anime)

Yukitoshi Hori (OVA)

English J. Michael Tatum (Anime)

Gadevi (ガーデーヴィ Gadevi? ) is one of the secondary characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He was a prince of the Kingdom of Shindra and competed against his younger brother, Rajendra, for the Shindrian Throne.


In the anime series, he is bald and a thin head

OVA SeriesEdit

He has long brown hair and a little ponytail.


Gadevi is very egocentric, and like his brother, what matters most to him is the Shindrian Throne. However, unlike Rajendra, he is completely devoid of sympathy and compassion, seeing everyone serving to be no more than tools to be disposed of when they outlived their usefulness, to the point of fully willing to execute Jaswant when the latter failed his task. His ambition is so great that he is willing to defy the results of the duel before the gods and his father, and even killing Mahendra, who has served him loyally, for advising him to stand down and accept said results as he should. Despite his megalomania, he is ultimately a selfish coward, seen when he shows great fear during his last feast before his execution, kneeling and begging his brother to spare him.


War Against GadeviEdit

Gadevi first appears when he is informed of Rajendra's alliance with Pars, and is angry by the fact his brother has not recognize his succession. When Jaswant report to him about his fail mission and the lose of the Fortress of Guajarat, he nearly executed him but his Grand Vizier, Mahendra, convince him to spear Jaswant. He decide to use his War Elephant to win a decisive battle against his enemies. He send a force of 20.000 soldiers to keep the Parsian Troop out of the Battlefield and meet Rajendra at the Fields of Chandigarh with 150.000 soldiers against the 50.000 of Rajendra, far outnumbering his brother. He seems to win the battle when he orders his war elephants to charge as his troops were beginning to be push back, but the arrival of the parsian troops reverse the fate of battle; breaking the elephants's charge and nearly result in the capture of Gadevi himself, who is save by Jaswant. Back at the Capital, however, he show no sign of thank to Jaswant, and is informed of his father recovery. He try to manipulate him into making Rajendra the villain, but his father refuses his statement and declare his succession will be design by a duel before the Gods.

End of the Shindurian Succession WarEdit

After hearing Daryun will be Rajendra's proxy, he chose a dangerous Criminal, Bahadur, as his own proxy against Mahendra's advice. Thinking he can't be defeat, he is surprise when Daryun suprisely kill Bahadur. He refuses the result and tried to make to overthrown his Father, but he fails when he kill Mahendra as the latter was protesting, pushing his troops to abandon him and be arrested for Treason in the Royal Tribune of the Arena of the Duel. Although Rajendra promise to his dying father Gadevi will be spared, he immediately organize a banquet for Gadevi ( the traditional sign for the execution of a member of A Royal Family). Gadevi begs Rajendra to spare his life, losing in honour in the process. As he saw Arslan entering the hall of the Banquet, he try to stab him as he thinks he is responsible for his demise.
However he is stab in the eye by Arslan's hawk and falls to the ground in pain and defenseless. The move prove to be his dowfall, as Rajendra orders him to be forthwith beheaded. His head is later placed on the Capital's wall.



He seems to hate his younger brother Rajendra, notably for his refusal to recognize his legitimacy.

Karikala IIEdit

Not much is known about their relationship, but Karikala appears to not trusting his first son, as he suspects he and Rajendra had been 'carrying out an unseemly sibling squabble' when Gadevi claims Rajendra was trying to kill him.


He hates Arslan and wants to see him dead because of Arslan's alliance with his younger brother Rajendra. His hate against Arslan, however, prove to be his downfall, as Rajendra orders his execution immediately after he tried to kill Arslan during the banquet.


  • He is 1 month older than his younger half-brother.



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