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Guiscard (ギスカール Gisukāru? ) was the Grand Vizier and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Lusitanian Army. He was the brother of the Emperor of Lusitania, Innocentis VII and also served as his advisor. He was regarded as the true ruler of Lusitania.


2013 Manga and Anime[]

In the 2013 Manga and Anime series, he has dark blonde shoulder-length hair along with a dark blonde beard, and caramel eyes. He has a stern and jagged face.

OVA Series[]

In the OVA series, he has chin-length dark brown hair with a wick of hair falling on the left side of his forehead, and is clean shaven. He has a stern appearance.


Guiscard is a serious and intelligent man, who believes he should be the king rather than his brother. He doesn't seem to have a strong Yaldabaothian faith.


Innocentis VII[]

Guiscard views his older brother as someone who is unfit to be a king and is upset at the idea that his brother could produce a heir. He believes that he should be the king instead.


Hilmes uses Guiscard's ambition to be King as a way to manipulate him, praising his "superior intelligence" and "better judgement". Guiscard seems to trust his words, as Guiscard explained his opposition to his brother's wedding. He doesn't seem to trust Hilmes completely, however, as he seems to believe Hilmes is plotting something behind his back.


Guiscard distrusts Bodin, due to his ruthlessness and abuse of power. He openly condemns Bodin's killing of pagans and isn't afraid of the Archpriest. He opposes Bodin's attempts to increase the Church's power.


Guiscard is possibly named after Robert Guiscard, a Norman adventurer conspicuous in the conquest of southern Italy and Sicily.



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