Innocentius VII
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Arslan Senki - King of Lusitania - Innocentis VII

'Inokentisu Nanase'
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Country Lusitania
Position Emperor
Relatives Guiscard (Younger Brother)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Blonde (2013 Manga and Anime)
Eye Color Blue
Manga Chapter 9
Anime Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese Toshiharu Sakurai
English Jeremy Inman

Innocentius VII (イノケンティス七世 Inokentisu Nanase? ) is the current Emperor of Lusitania and ruler of occupied Maryam and Pars, and the elder brother of Guiscard.


2013 Manga and AnimeEdit

In the 2013 Manga and Anime series, Innocentius is depicted as being so fat he can barely walk normally. He has a small and fine moustache and a small goatee. His hair is short and blonde, and his eyes are of a yellow tone. He usually wears big, yellow and white robes, along with the king's crown. Additionally, he wears multiple rings on his fingers.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA, Innocentius is depicted as being thinner and more fit. He has long wavy hair and a thin moustache.


Innocentius is a lazy and uninteligent man, often delegating his duties to Bodin or to his brother Guiscard. He is also obnoxious, and often ignores his duties to do what pleases him. He is also highly arrogant, believing his attempts to capture Tahamine's affection would be successful simply because he believed God was on his side. Due to all of this, he is easily manipulable, which Bodin takes to his advantage. He also seems to show clemency to anyone that denigrate his status, as the king, which is evident as Guiscard freely tempestuously upbraided his brother for putting his focus in capturing Tahamine's heart rather than for the sake of their kingdom's problems.


  • Innocentius is named after Pope Innocent VII.



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