Jaswant Manga


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Country Sindhura
Position A member of the Camp of Arslan
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Green (2013 Manga and Anime)
Manga Chapter 43
Anime Episode 14
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiro Yūki (OVA)
Wataru Hatano (Anime)
English Matthew Morgan (OVA, Manga UK dub)
Marcus D. Stimac (Anime)
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Jaswant (ジャスワント Jasuwanto? ) was an agent of the Grand Vizier of the Kingdom of Sindhura. Now, he is one of the members of Camp of Arslan that fights against the Lusitanian invasion.



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2013 Manga and AnimeEdit

In the 2013 Manga and in the TV Series, Jaswant has short black hair, dark brown skin and aqua tsurime eyes. In the manga, his facer is rounder and wider and his upper eyelids are rounded outwards, while in the anime his face thinner and somewhat angular and his curved inwards.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA Series, he has neck-length dark grey hair and hazel eyes with white pupils.


Jaswant is a firm believer of the religion of Shindra and is loyal to his superiors, even though he is threatened to be executed by some of them despite not committing any faults worth being so severely punished. When given orders or missions, he executes it with pride and honour for the sake of his kingdom and religion. Jaswant is especially loyal to Mahendra, who raised Jaswant like his own son.

Despite seemingly stubborn and inflexible for choosing to be loyal to what many would say to be the wrong side, Jaswant is revealed to be honorable and capable of thinking for himself, seen when he is fully willing to inform Narsus of Rajendra's schemes after Rajendra ascended to the Shindrian throne, to repay his debt to Arslan. He is also very respectable and understanding, as he bears no grudges against anyone who wronged him.

In Japanese, first-person singular pronoun he uses is "私 Watashi" and "おれ Ore" (in a bit casual conversation). He used to call himself "Ore" even when he was talking to Arslan, but he started using "Watashi" in conversations with Arslan after he proclaimed his decision to serve him.



Jaswant is very loyal to Mahendra, as the latter raise him when the former was an orphan. He considers Mahendra as his father.


  • His actions during the Duel before the Gods are not the same in the OVA and Anime : In the anime he saved Arslan from being kill a follower of Gadevi as he thinks it will disgrace his Kingdom whereas in the OVA he is sent by Gadevi to assassinate Arslan.
  • In Gilan, when he was taken to a brothel (though he was unwilling), he was cheated by a Sindhuran girl with a tragic story and gave all the money he had at that time. Later on, he realized that that was a lie, but he still was glad to be of some help to a person of the same nationality. (Novel)



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