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Jimsa (ジムサ Jimusa? ) was a Turanian general and a member of the Camp of Arslan.


Jimsa is described as a short man with a baby-face. He had brown eyes in the 2016 anime and black hair that was partly braided.


He is described as one of the most brave and swift warriors in Turan. He was a master of blowgun and used poison darts with it. When he fought, he would hold a blowgun on his left hand and a sword on the right, and ride a horse at the same time.

He was blunt in his speech.


When the Turanian army attacked Peshawar, he fought with Parsian soldiers. He was once captured but escaped. During this time, he pretended not to understand Parsian, so that he could throw them off their guard and gain information. However, he was deceived by Narsus and fell victim to his schemes. Accused for his failure, Jimsa escaped from the Turanian camp. He was then shot by Turanian soldiers, but rescued by the Parsian army.

After Arslan left Peshawar, Andragoras III decided to execute Jimsa. However, with Kishward's suggestion and Zaravant's help, he escaped the fortress again. As Zaravant insisted on joining Arslan’s camp with him, they traveled together in search of them.

After Arslan's coronation, Jimsa resided in Ecbatana. Using the experience he gained fighting for the Turanian army, he trained Parsian horsemen. He also suggested a security system for the northern border and left Ecbatana for an observation trip. During the travel, he found a recently destroyed village in which all living beings seemed to have been killed, and brain and blood were sucked out from half of them. Though he saved a girl found alive, he and accompanying horsemen were attacked by ahura-viradas and Ilterish, who was accompanied by a sorcerer, thus discovering that Ilterish was being possessed by an evil power and leading the army of Zahhak. He called the rescued orphan Ofrul (which means small) and got back to Ecbatana with her.



At first, when he decides to join Arslan’s camp, he is not so willing as Arslan looks far different from an ideal leader in the Turanian sense, but he contributes to the victory of Pars against Lusitania.



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