Kashan Fotress is a fortress located in the fictional kingdom of Pars. Its ruler was Lord Hodir but he has been killed by Daryun.


Much of the population of Kashan Fortress are slaves (the percent of slave outnumbered whose of Ecbatana). The slaves here are shown to like their master, Lord Hodir.When Daryun killed him, the slaves began attacking Arslan because of him mentioning his death.
Lord Hodir and his mentioned daughter also lives here, alongside with his troops of 30,000 Footmen and 2,000 Calvarymen.


The fortress is mostly surrounded by mountains and possibly an arid desert. It is shown that Arslan's company crossed some woods to get to the fortress.



Kashan Fortress is located southwest of the Royal Capital of Ecbatana.

Trivia Edit

  • Kashan is a real city of great historical importance in Western Central Iran.