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"Successes are attributed to my achievement. Failures are attributed to the fate."
― Kubard in The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

Kubard was a Marzbān of Pars.


OVA Series[]

He has blue hair and no beard in the OVA. He has a scar on the left eye.

2013 Manga and Anime[]

In the anime, he has grey hair and black chin hairs. He has a scar on the left eye.


As a veteran warrior, he was not afraid of huge battles. However, Kubard was nearly never seen sober. He always evaded troublesome matters and had others involved in them instead. He was famous as a heavy drinker and womanizer.


Kubard's father was a skilled hunter who married a knight's daughter.

It is rumored that he lost his left eye in a fight with a three headed dragon (Aži Dahāka).



Shapur and Kubard were some sort of friendly rivals, as they argued about a king's duties during the Battle of Atropatene. It was mentioned that they were so in bad terms that they always stood at the each end of the line of Marzban when all 12 gathered.

According to Kubard, they never got along. He said that they always quarreled, and when they were drunk, they would proceed from words to blows.


Kubard was possibly loyal to Andragoras at the beginning of the series until he learned of the false news about the king running away. He appeared shocked at first before giving up his duty to fight stating that the king's responsibility is to protect the kingdom. Though Andragoras valued Kubard's skill, his behavior sometimes offended the king and Kubard was removed from Marzban for several times.


Sam and Kubard appeared to be friendly with each other as Kubard seemed relieved about his surviving the invasion. Their friendship appeared to be friendlier than the friendly rivalry between Kubard and Shapur.


He was one of the mightiest warrior of Pars. He mainly fought with his great sword.



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