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List of all the The Heroic Legend of Arslan (anime) episodes. The anime started airing on April 5, 2015.

Season 1[]

# Episode Title Original Air Date End Card
01 S01E01.png The Glory of Ecbatana
Ekubatāna no Eiga (エクバターナの栄華)
April 5, 2015 Episode 1 End Card.jpg
By Nakaba Suzuki
Crown Prince Arslan from the Kingdom of Pars finds himself into a predicament when a young prisoner from the enemy nation of Lusitania holds him hostage in an attempt to escape.
02 Arslan.battlefield.png Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle
Jūyon-sai, Uijin (十四歳、初陣)
April 12, 2015 Episode 2 End Card.jpg
By Yoshiki Tanaka
Now fourteen years old, Prince Arslan takes part in his first battle.
In a location of advantage, a better trained army, and bigger numbers, King Andragoras III launches the offensive against the enemy. Even with all odds seeming against them, Lusitania shows Pars they should never be underestimated.
03 The Knight in Black
Kokui no Kishi (黒衣の騎士)
April 19, 2015 Episode 3 End Card.jpg
By Kōji Seo
Daryun crosses the battlefield to keep his promise to Vahriz, rescuing Prince Arslan from enemy forces and bringing him to safety. Allied with Lusitania, Lord Silvermask ambushes the king.
04 World-weary.strategist.png The World-Weary Strategist
Ensei no Gunshi (厭世の軍師)
April 26, 2015 Episode 4 End Card.jpg
By Kōji Kumeta
Arslan and Daryun seek the help of the retired tactician Narsus, but convincing him to join their cause will not be an easy task.
05 S01E05 thumbnail.png The Royal Capital Burns, Part 1
Ō Toenjō ~Zenpen~ (王都炎上 〜前編〜)
May 3, 2015 Episode 5 End Card.jpg
By Shizumu Watanabe
Lusitania ruthlessly sieges the Royal Capital of Ecbatana. Prince Arslan and his party hide from overwhelming numbers, but also carefully plan for their next move.
06 S01E06 thumbnail 2.png The Royal Capital Burns, Part 2
Ō Toenjō ~Kōhen~ (王都炎上 〜後編〜)
May 10, 2015 Episode 6 End Card.jpg
By Fumiya Satō
With the help of Lord Silver Mask, Kharlan, and unconventional strategy, Lusitania crushes the Royal Capital defenses.
07 S01E07 thumbnail.png The Beauties and the Beasts
Bijo-tachi to Yajū-tachi (美女たちと野獣たち)
May 17, 2015 Episode 7 End Card.jpg
By Shūzō Oshimi
As the Lusitanian army plunders the capital, Gieve meets the beautiful priestess Farangis, who is in search of Arslan. Arslan and his companions decide to take the fight to the enemy after learning that Kharlan intends to raid the nearby villages to capture them.
08 S01E08 thumbnail.png The Treasonous Hero
Uragiri no Eiyū (裏切りの英雄)
May 24, 2015 Episode 8 End Card.jpg
By Yūki Satō
Kharlan continues his pursuit of Arslan, unaware that he has fallen for Narsus' scheme. His forces are ambushed in an unfavourable terrain, where Arslan's party meets Gieve and Farangis, who join their cause as well. Meanwhile at the capital, Silvermask confronts the captive King Andragoras, revealing his identity and motives.
09 S01E09 thumbnail 3.png Beneath The Mask
Kamen no Shita (仮面の下)
May 31, 2015 Episode 9 End Card.jpg
By Megumi Ina
Daryun and Narsus infiltrate the Capital in search of information on Andragoras and the Queen, coming across the Silvermask in the occasion, while Arslan has another encounter with Etoile, the Lusitanian prisoner he met 3 years before.
10 S01E10 thumbnail.png The Lord and Master of The Kashan Fortress
Kashān Jōsai no Omo (カシャーン城塞の主)
June 7, 2015 Episode 10 End Card.png
By Yoshitoki Oima
Arslan and his subjects seek refuge in the Kashan Fortress, governed by Lord Hodir, but it does not take long for the party to realize Hodir's true intentions for sheltering them.
11 Ep11.png The Road to Peshawar
Peshawāru e no Michi (ペシャワールへの道)
June 14, 2015 Episode 11 End Card.jpg
By Kazuo Watanabe
On their way to the stronghold at Peshawar, Arslan's party is pursued by a force led by Xandes, Kharlan's son who seeks to avenge his father and they are forced to split up.
12 S01E12 thumbnail.png A Knight's Loyalty
Kishi no Chūgi (騎士の忠義)
June 21, 2015 Episode 12 End Card.png
By Ushio Tazawa
Narsus meets a young woman named Alfreed and confronts Silvermask again, while Daryun and Farangis are still fighting to escape their pursuers.
13 S01E13 thumbnail.png The Two Princes
Ōji Futari (王子二人)
June 29, 2015 Episode 13 End Card.jpg
By Hajime Isayama
Arslan's group finally arrives at Peshawar, where the force here pledge allegiance. However, problems appears quickly as Lord Silvermask arrives too.
13.5 EP13-5.png The Blade to Retake the Kingdom
Dakkan no Na (奪還の刃)
July 5, 2015
Recap of the first twelve episodes. A look back on how far Arslan has come, from when he was nearly killed by Kharlan to reaching Peshawar, and how far he has yet to go.
14 Original.jpg The Foreign Prince
Ikoku no Ōji (異国の王子)
July 12, 2015 Episode 14 End Card.jpg
By Hiro Mashima
Arslan must fight off the Invading Shindran Army and its leader, Prince Rajendra, and makes a new alliance which brings him on a mysterious path.
15 Episode15.jpg The Black Leopard of Shindra
Shindoura no Kurohyō (シンドゥラの黒豹)
July 19, 2015 Episode 15 End Card.jpg
By Nisio Isin
Arslan and his subjects assist Rajendra's campaign against his brother Gadevi, and Jaswant, a Shindran guide, is introduced to them. However, Jaswant is not who he claims to be, but it does not take long for the party to realize that for their own advantage.
16 Episode16.jpg Elegy of The Setting Sun
Rakujitsu Hika (落日悲歌)
July 26, 2015 Episode 16 End Card.jpg
By Hiroyuki
Gadevi commands his army to bring down Arslan and Rajendra's alliance. Believing that he got the Parsian forces isolated, Gadevi sends his main force against Rajendra's, gaining the upper hand, until the Parsians, having outsmarted their enemies once again, join the battle as well to turn the tables on him.
17 Episode17.jpg The Duel Before The Gods
Kami Mae Kettō (神前決闘)
August 2, 2015 Episode 17 End Card.png
By Miki Yoshikawa
A duel is called by king Karikala II of Shindra to settle the dispute between the two princes. Daryun, chosen as Rajendra's proxy, battles Bahadur, a massive and vicious warrior released by Gadevi from prison to be his representative, and wins. However, Gadevi, not pleased with the result, turns against his own father and Arslan's party must fight for their lives amidst the chaos ensued.
18 Episode18.jpg Once Again Across the River
Futatabi Kawa wo Koete (ふたたび河をこえて)
August 9, 2015 Episode 18 End Card.jpg
By Akeji Fujimura
Following his father's death and his brother's execution, Rajendra is crowned the king of Shindra. Arslan and his army then return to Pars, but Rajendra repays their help with an act of treason instead.
19 Episode19.jpg The End of the Winter
Fuyu no Owari (冬の終り)
August 16, 2015 Ep19 End Card.jpg
By Ito Ōgure
Now with Jaswant in his party, Arslan returns to Peshawar, while back at Ecbatana, Silvermask gathers allies and manpower, seeking to one day liberating Pars and taking the throne for himself.
20 Episode20.jpg The True Face of A Knight
Kishi no Sugao (騎士の素顔)
August 23, 2015 Episode 20 End Card.jpg
By Atsushi Ōkubo
Since Arslan's declaration, many lords and Generals respond and come to Peshawar such as Lucian, Zarāvant, Esfan and Tus. Meanwhile, a Lusitanian soldier infiltrates the Citadel in order to spy on the Parsians.
21 Episode 21.png A Song of Farewell
Sayonara no Uta (さよならの歌)
August 30, 2015 Episode 21 End Card.jpg
By Hikaru Nakamura
Arslan begins his march to retake Ecbatana but must separate himself from one of his allies and face his lords' sentiments.
22 Episode22.png The Night Before The Attack
Shutsugeki Zen’ya (出撃前夜)
September 6, 2015 Episode 22 End Card.jpg
By Ai Yokoyama
As Hilmes is set to confront Arslan on the Battlefield, the latter is thinking about the war's casualties and his soldiers'training.
23 Episode23.png The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel
San Emanyueru no Kīpu no Tatakai (聖マヌエル城の攻防)
September 13, 2015 Episode 23 End Card.jpg
By Nieki Zui
At Saint-Emmanuel, Hilmes gives a passionate speech to the 100.000 soldiers gathered here, including Etoile.
24 Episode24.png The Decisive Battle
Kessen (決戦)
September 20, 2015 Episode 24 End Card.jpg
By Shingo Ogiso
Arslan is escorted by his subjects deep inside of the keeps of Saint-Emmanuel where he confronts Silver Mask in an attempt to call his cousin to reason. However, Hilmes refuses to listen and challenges Daryun to a duel.
25 Arslan with Narsus and Daryun.jpg The Highway of Blood and Sweat
Kanketsu Kōro (「汗血公路」)
September 27, 2015 Episode 25 End Card.jpg
By Hiromu Arakawa
The Keep of Saint-Emmanuel is captured by the Parsian army, and by Arslan's request, the Lusitanian survivors are taken with them as they keep marching towards Ecbatana, including Etoile, who starts to act more friendly with him. Meanwhile, Silvermask returns to the capital and forms a treacherous alliance with prince Guiscard from Lusitania.

OVA (2016)[]

# Episode Title Original Air Date End Card
01 OVA 1 (2016).png The Road of Blood and Love
Kanketsu Koiji (汗血恋路)
May 9, 2016
Arslan gets to spend some time with Gieve alone, so Gieve decides to tells some interesting stories about Narsus, Daryun and Elam's past love lives.
02 OVA 2 (2016).png Banquet of Friendship
Yūjō no Utage (友情の宴)
November 9, 2016
The battle between Rajendra and Gadevi has ended. Arslan and the others prepare to leave Shindra but will first spend some time in the castle.

Season 2[]

# Episode Title Original Air Date End Card
26 S02E01 thumbnail.png The Turanian Army Invades
Turān-gun Shinkō (トゥラーン軍侵攻)
July 03, 2016 S02E01 Ending Card.jpg
By Hiromu Arakawa
Arslan's forces double back to Peshawar in order to repel an invasion from the country of Turan, while Silvermask retrieves an ancient sword that can bolster his claim for the throne of Pars, but Gieve confronts him in order to steal it for Arslan, until it is taken away by a third party. Back at Ecbatana, Etoile arrives safely with the rest of the refugees, and King Andragoras takes advantage of a moment of carelesness from Guiscard to hold him hostage.
27 S02E02 thumbnail.png The Monarch Versus the Conqueror
Ouja Tai Hasha (王者対覇者)
July 10, 2016 Ep 02 Ending Card.png
By Yoshiki Tanaka
Andragoras escapes from Ecbatana, taking Tahamine with him, while King Tokhtomysh from Turan arrives to lead a second attempt to capture Peshawar, but this time, he executes several civilians in order to provoke Arslan and draw him into open combat. However, Tokhtomysh is forced to flee after underestimating the Parsians and is killed by his own son for his cowardice. Once Andragoras arrives at Peshawar, he relieves Arslan from the command of the Parsian army, and orders that his son must not return unless he gathers another fifty thousand soldiers, a decision that is compared to sending him to exile.
28 S02E03 thumbnail.png Journey Horse, Sad, and Solitary
Seibakoei (征馬孤影)
July 17, 2016 S02E03 end card.png
By Yuki Suetsugu
Once Andragoras arrives at Peshawar, he relieves Arslan from the command of the Parsian army, and orders that his son must not return unless he gathers another fifty thousand soldiers, a decision that is compared to sending him to exile. While tracking down the knights who stole the sacred sword, Hilmes has a brief encounter with Irina, a former princess who was close to him in the past. Meanwhile, Arslan begins his journey alone by his father's decree, but Daryun, Narsus and the rest of his closest retainers challenge Andragoras' orders and escape from Peshawar to accompany him.
29 S02E04 thumbnail.png A City of Land and A City of Water
Riku no Miyako to Mizu no Miyako to (陸の都と水の都と)
July 24, 2016 S02E04 end card.png
By Suzuhito Yasuda
Arslan's party arrives at the port city of Gilan in search of the reinforcements they need. In the occasion, Narsus meets his old friend Shagard and learns, much to his disappointment, that he is not the same idealist man he used to be. During a meeting with Viceroy Pelagius, Arslan is informed that Gilan is being harassed by pirates, when an incoming merchant ship is attacked by them, and some members of the party rush to their aid.
30 S02E05 thumbnail.png Parting of Ways
Ketsubetsu (決別)
July 31, 2016 S02E05 end card.png
By George Morikawa
After driving away the pirates, Arslan and his comrades make friends with Grahze, the captain of the ship they saved, and they join forces to expose Pelagius' schemes of fraud and embezzlement towards the Royalty. Once Pelagius is removed from power, Arslan assumes temporary rule over Gilan. Soon after, the pirates launch an attack on the city, but are defeated thanks to another of Narsus' stratagems.
31 S02E06 thumbnail.png Calamity of Kings
Retsu Ō no Sainan (列王の災難)
August 7, 2016 S02E06 end card.png
By Kenshi Hirokane
In Ecbatana, Guiscard confines Innocentius VII to his room, assuming command of the Lusitanian forces. To dispose of his brother, he involves Etoile and Irina in a plan to kill him that fails, and orders both to be executed, but Hilmes appear to intervene, breaking his ties with Lusitania in the occasion.
32 S02E07 thumbnail.png The Rainbow City
Niji no Miyako (虹の都)
August 14, 2016 S02E07 end card.png
By Akimine Kamijyo
Shagard, the mastermind behind the pirates, devises a scheme to lure out Arslan's retainers in order to assume control of Gilan, but Narsus, having already grasped his intentions, outsmarts him with his own plan and confronts Shagard directly, bringing him to justice afterwards. After Arslan sentences Shagard to one year of slavery for his crimes, Etoile reunites with the prince, asking for his help in order to save King Innocentius.
33 S02E08 thumbnail.png The Dance of Dust Clouds
Fūjin Ranbu (風塵乱舞)
August 21, 2016 S02E08 end card.png
By Nakaba Suzuki
After shaking off their pursuers, Hilmes and his men track down the Lusitanian forces that stole the treasured sword and retrieve it. He then decides to launch an attack on Ecbatana in sequence. Meanwhile, Andragoras sets off with his army to retake the city as well, and upon knowing about this fact, Arslan answers to Etoile's plea and departs there with his forces, despite knowing that he may be forced to confront his own father in the occasion. As the three armies converge at the capital, Guiscard refuses to concede, and sends the Lusitanian Army against the forces of Andragoras, who arrives first.


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