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Book 3: The Sunset ElegyBook 4: Road of Sweat and BloodBook 5: Shadow of a Lone Rider
Book 6: A Frenzy of DustBook 7: The Capital RetakenBook 8: The Masked Army
Book 9: A Rotation of BannersCamp of ArslanChapter 10: The Captured Queen
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Chapter 14: The King's WhereaboutsChapter 15: The Rightful KingChapter 16: The Love of King Innocentis
Chapter 17: Beneath The MaskChapter 18: Reunion By The ShoreChapter 19: The Second Prince
Chapter 1: The Glory of EcbatanaChapter 20: The Lord of the Fortress at KashanChapter 21: Hodir's Plot
Chapter 22: For the LordChapter 23: The Site of JusticeChapter 26: Minstrel in the Moonlight
Chapter 27: Son of KharlanChapter 28: Daughter of the Zot ClanChapter 29: A Village at Twilight
Chapter 2: Battle of AtropateneChapter 32: Return of the WarriorChapter 3: The Knight in Black
Chapter 4: Reunion with an Old FriendChapter 5: The King's GenerosityChapter 6: Arrow of Deliverance
Chapter 7: The Wandering MusicianChapter 8: The Blood-Soaked GateChapter 9: A Wild Party Of Bloodshed
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Episode 16: Elegy of The Setting SunEpisode 17: The Duel Before The GodsEpisode 18: Once Again Across the River
Episode 19: The End of the WinterEpisode 1: The Glory of EcbatanaEpisode 20: The True Face of A Knight
Episode 21: A Song of FarewellEpisode 22: The Night Before The AttackEpisode 23: The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel
Episode 24: The Decisive BattleEpisode 25: The Highway of Blood and SweatEpisode 26: The Turanian Army Invades
Episode 27: The Monarch Versus the ConquerorEpisode 28: Journey Horse, Sad, and SolitaryEpisode 29: A City of Land and A City of Water
Episode 2: Age Fourteen, Maiden BattleEpisode 30: Parting of WaysEpisode 31: Calamity of Kings
Episode 32: The Rainbow CityEpisode 33: The Dance of Dust CloudsEpisode 3: The Knight in Black
Episode 4: The World-Weary StrategistEpisode 5: The Royal Capital Burns, Part 1Episode 6: The Royal Capital Burns, Part 2
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