Lusitania (ルシタニア Rujitania? ) is a fictional kingdom, which take over neighboring nations of Pars and Maryam after king Andragoras of Pars falls victim of a treacherous plot led by one of his most trusted retainers and general.[1]

Royalty and OfficialEdit


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Lusitania follow the Faith of Yaldabaoth, the "one and only absolute god". As a result, Lusitania execute peoples considered as heretic and heathen.

Trivia Edit

  • Lusitania seems to be based off Outremer (Crusader) forces of the High Middle Ages in appearance, names and gear.The most commonly known Crusades are the campaigns in the Eastern Mediterranean aimed at recovering the Holy Land from Islamic rule.but the term "Crusades" is also applied to other church-sanctioned campaigns. These were fought for a variety of reasons including the suppression of paganism and heresy, the resolution of conflict among rival Roman Catholic groups, or for political and territorial advantage. At the time of the early Crusades the word did not exist, only becoming the leading descriptive term around 1760.[2]
  • Lusitania is also an ancient Roman province in Western Iberia, roughly corresponding to modern Portugal and Western Spain, and named after the Lusitani, a warlike Celto-Iberian tribe native of that region, who fought the Roman invasions and resisted their conquest for most of the 2nd century BCE.[3]
  • According to the author's statement, the idea of Lusitanian army was inspired by the Crusaders and the Spanish conquest of the Incan Empire.[4]


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