Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Country Pars
Hometown Daylam, Ecbatana
Residence Mt. Bashur (former)
Position Adviser

a member of the Camp of Arslan

Relatives Oleth (father)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Manga Chapter 4
Image Gallery

Narsus (ナルサス Narusasu? ) is one of the main characters of the anime series based on the Arakawa manga. He is one of the members of the Camp of Arslan that fights against Lusitanian invasion. He is Arslan's adviser, Daryun's close friend and the former chief adviser in the court.


Narsus is a handsome man with long light blonde hair reaching past his shoulders, and blue narrow eyes.


Narsus is very proud and narcissistic. He is usually calm but is also quick to loose his temper. In addition to being a brilliant tactician, Narsus is also an incredible swordsman, an intelligent philosopher, and a not-so-skilled painter.


Narsus was once Dairam’s feudal lord and was in the imperial court. He was a chief adviser and tactician under Andragoras, but because he spoke out against the king's continuing practice of slavery, he was removed from his office.[1] After his banishment from the royal court he secluded himself in a cabin and occupied himself with things like reading the books of other countries or painting.



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In exchange for his loyalty Arslan wants to compensate Narsus handsomely. Not with money nor power, but rather he is willing to - although Arslan saw Narsus' painting abilities first hand - make him court painter[2], once he becomes shah.[3]


  • Although he is said to be an unskilled painter, his art has never been shown to the viewer; Daryun and Arslan's annoyed expressions have, however.[4].
  • Daryun thinks Narsus' paintings would be a stain on the cultural history of Pars. "Your Highness, making Narsus court painter will be a stain on the cultural history of Pars." [5]
  • Kharlan thinks very highly of Narsus' intellect and swordsmanship.[6]


  • "Art is eternal. Empires are fleeting!" [7]
  • "People like him aren’t cruel to pathetic losers like us." [8]
  • "That man can paint the movements of the heavens, the landscapes of a foreign country, kings of the past. Anything! But when tasked with a self-portrait, well, he can’t even do a rough sketch." [9]
  • "How dare you interrupt me just as I was about to put brush to canvas, Daryun" – "Oh? Looks like I made it on time. I’ve stopped a piece of garbage from coming into this world. You should thank me." [10]
  • "An artless, bullheaded fool like you could never understand magnanimity like that!" – "A Bullheaded fool like me can at least understand that you’re the artless one." [11]
  • "It appears that Daryun hates the idea of me having to paint his portrait about as much as he does the idea of dying." [12]
  • "Tell that dog Kharlan that he can eat his rotten meat alone. It is not fit, for the likes of Narsus." [13]


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