Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 26
Status Alive
Country Pars
Hometown Daylam, Ecbatana
Position Adviser

a member of the Camp of Arslan

Relatives Teos (father)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa
English Christopher Bevins
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Narsus (ナルサス Narusasu? ) is one of the main characters of the anime series based on the Arakawa manga. He is one of the members of the Camp of Arslan that fights against Lusitanian invasion. He is Arslan's adviser, Daryun's close friend and the former chief adviser in the court.


Narsus is a handsome man, with long light blonde hair reaching past his shoulders and purple narrow eyes.


Narsus is very proud and narcissistic in character. He is usually calm but also quick to lose his temper. In addition to being a brilliant tactician, Narsus is an incredible swordsman, an intelligent philosopher, and a not-so-skilled painter.

Plot Edit

History Edit

Narsus age 21
Narsus was once Daylam’s feudal lord and in the imperial court. During the war with the Alliance of Three Kingdoms, Narsus freed two thousand war prisoners and started to spread rumors. To the Turkish army, he spread the rumor that Shindra had betrayed them and was colluding with Pars, and as a proof of that, all the Shindran prisoners of war would be freed. To the Turanian army, he spread the rumor that the Turks were in league with Pars. Also, he told the Shindran prisoners that he released, that Turan and Turk would attack Shindra. Thus, the Alliance of Three Kingdoms become beset with suspicions and fell apart from within. Taking advantage of this, Pars easily defeated these kingdoms. Andragoras III made him chief adviser and tactician under, and gave him 10,000 piece of gold, but because he spoke out against the king's continuing practice of slavery, he was removed from his office.

[1] After his banishment from the royal court he secluded himself in a cabin and does things like reading the books of other countries and painting.

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

Ep4 Narsus vs Daryun
When Narsus saw his friend Daryun with a boy, he accepted them into his home. The boy introduced himself as Prince Arslan. Elam prepared dinner for them and while eating, Narsus told Arslan how he defeated the Alliance of Three Kingdoms without a single soldier. Narsus then talked with Daryun about Atropatene, Daryun told him that Kharlan had betrayed them and they concluded that the Lusitanians have a resourceful man among them. Daryun told Narsus that he should stop making bad paintings and help Prince Arslan. He mocked with Narsus’s paintings and this made him furious. Then Arslan asked what he should do, Narsus told him to abolish slavery and that this way of thinking of his made the king hate him. But Arslan said that his father also hates him and Daryun too, so they will make a good company and this surprised Narsus. Before going to sleep he talked with Daryun about the old days and asked him some questions about Prince Arslan.
Narsus painting
When he woke up, he started to draw a painting. Before breakfast, Kharlan’s men came. When Narsus asked him which road he took, Daryun  told him that they passed near Kharlan’s castle on their way, with a smile on his face. Narsus got furious and said that Daryun was trying to force him to cooperate with them. Before the men entered, Narsus hid Arslan and Daryun . During their talk, they said that Vahriz is dead and Kharlan is the new Eran. They offered a position for Narsus, but he refused
The Heroic Legend of Arslan - Narsus
the offer and captured them with a trap. When he saw Arslan crying and Daryun’s face full of bloodlust, he stated that they should have breakfast. While they were eating, Arslan wanted Narsus to join him and said that he will make him Court Painter. Narsus gladly accepted this offer and started to tease with Daryun. Elam also wanted to come but Narsus didn’t want him to but Arslan accepted Elam into
their company saying that his cooking is delicious. They left the house and headed for Ecbatana, but Kharlan’s men were waiting for them, so they took shelter in a cave. Narsus played chess with Arslan to spend time. While they were playing, they talked about their strategies and Narsus stated that Ecbatana is most likely under attack but they can’t help them because the enemy’s numbers are too great. He also told Daryun that they need to focus on capturing Kharlan. After waiting for a while, they left the cave.

Prince Arslan Takes a Stand Edit

Elam infiltrated Ecbatana to learn about the enemy’s situation and came back after a while. He said that there aren’t anyone who knows about King Andragoras’ whereabouts and that Kharlan left Ecbatana with a 1000 cavalrymen in search of Arslan. When Arslan asked Narsus if he knows what Kharlan is planning, he said that Kharlan will burn villages to lure them out. Arslan stated that he wants to save the villagers and started to prepare. When he was alone with Daryun, he told him that Kharlan is not a simple man and this is probably a trap to lure His Highness out. Narsus replied that he has high hopes for Prince Arslan. Daryun told him that he was testing Prince Arslan and Narsus said that he would be no true king if he didn’t try to rescue those citizens. Narsus prepared a plan to capture Kharlan and sent a spy to Kharlan.

Falangies vs Narsus
While he was scouting the enemy, a woman attacked him and they started to fight, but once Narsus said that he serves Prince Arslan, she apologised and said that she was looking for the Prince to keep him safe. Narsus let her and Gieve, who was hiding behind a tree, join them, saying that if they were enemies, they would raise their voice to make the army know where they are. He attacked Kharlan’s soldiers and stated that there isn’t anything weaker than a cavalry unit that has lost its morale. Everyhing went according to the plan and Kharlan charged at Arslan but Daryun came to protect Arslan. Daryun defeated him but Kharlan got struck by his own spear after falling down the hill. While Narsus was questioning Kharlan, Arslan came and told him not to die. Kharlan told them the king is alive and Arslan once again told him not to die, but Kharlan said that he can’t do as he is ordered and died. Two more people had joined their company. They introduced themselves. Narsus said that they must leave before Kharlan’s men come back. Before leaving, Arslan wanted Farangis to offer up an elegy for the death of Kharlan and his men, surprising Narsus. She accepted and started to sing. While Farangis was singing, Daryun asked Narsus if they can trust them or not and Narsus stated that there isn’t any problem and said that their fighting strength increased by half. He also told Daryun that  they should go to Ecbatana and look for the king.

Narsus infiltrated Ecbatana with Daryun to learn the King’s whereabouts. When they saw Bodin burning their historical texts, Narsus said that he wanted to kill that man and leave the king and his brother to Daryun. Daryun agreed. Narsus also told him on their way that Yaldabaoth means sacred ignorance in Archaic Lusitanian and they invaded Pars because their holy book says that the most beautiful and prosperous place in the world belongs to the believers and said that they are using their holy book to aquire whatever they want. Daryun asked him how can they take Ecbatana back. He said that they may use the slaves but it will be very hard to abolish slavery right away. They wanted to get more information. He went alone and defeated Kharlan’s men and left only one alive. He said that the king is alive and the Queen is going to marry with King Innocentis. This greatly shocked Narsus. They once again split up to gather more information.

While Daryun was fighting with a man, he appeared to help his friends. He introduced himself as the next Court Painter of Pars. Silvermask called him an inept painter and, this made Daryun furious. He charged at him but dodged, but before he could counter, Daryun saved him. After fighting for a while, more soldiers came and they retreated. On they way back to their hideout, they talked about the Silvermask.

Kashan Fortress Edit

After Narsus returned from Ecbatana with Daryun, they gave a report to Arslan about his parents and after that Arslan stated that there are too few of them and asked about the ways to gain more allies. Narsus stated that they intend to change lots of things that the kingdom has supported up to now, so it won’t be easy to gain allies. He told Arslan to make sure what he wants to accomplish and leave the rest to them. In the morning, the company started to ride their horses at full speed because the Lusitanians were chasing them. After a while, Daryun returned and told everyone to follow him. Suddenly, they heard the voice of a horn and a Parsian army appeared. The archers killed lots of Lusitanians and forced them to retreat. They finally entered Kashan Fortress with his company and a feast was ready for them.

After the feast, when they were about to go to their rooms to rest, Daryun got angry as he wasn’t placed in Arslan’s room to protect him. He said that he would even sleep on the floor but Narsus stopped him from acting in such manners. In their room Daryun stated that Hodir is up to something. Narsus agreed and said that he intends to make his daughter the Queen. Daryun said that he doesn’t want to maket hem their enemies, but Narsus told him that they will need need to fight if Hodir decides to turn them into enemies. Then, Gieve took his sword and tried to attack someone who was in the balcony. It was the prince, he had traversed across the balconies. Arslan told Narsus what Hodir told him. Narsus said that he has done good job and now must get ready to leave at a moment’s notice. He also told Gieve to escort Arslan back to his room and deliver a message to Farangis. He gave another job to Elam and told him to break the soldiers’s bows and to check if Hodir has placed something to the ceiling. Before Arslan called them, Daryun couldn’t sleep and Narsus asked the reason. Daryun asked him if Arslan may be Osroes' son, but Narsus said that it is impossible.

Then Elam came and said that he finished his job and found something on the ceiling and then, Arslan called them. Narsus and others came out and they tried to get out of the castle, but Hodir followed them and apologised. He wanted his men to lead his horse out, but Farangis and Gieve killed them as they were carrying concealed daggers. Soldiers came out and they started to fight. Daryun killed Hodir before he reached Arslan and Narsus told the soldiers that they have no reason to fight as their lord has been killed. Before they left, Arslan tried to free the slaves but they were angry as Arslan had killed their master. After they set a camp for the night, Narsus told Arslan that being a slave under a generous master is an easy way to live and he wanted Arslan to experience this.

Road to Peshawar Edit

Narsus blocking Arrows
While they were on their way, Arslan always attempted to talk with Elam. Gieve didn’t understand why would Arslan want to spend time with Elam, his vassal’s attendant, and Narsus told him that Arslan is different from the normal royalty. Gieve stated that all the royalty he has ever known, never cared about their vassals or people.

In the night, Farangis told him that the djinn are in foul mood, so their pursuers must be nearby. Their pursuers really have caught up to them. Daryun went to confront the enemy alone, but Narsus also took a different path from Arslan and the others.

Narsus-Zott Tribe
To go to Peshawar from the shortest path, Narsus needed to pass from the Zott Tribe’s territory and this made him somehow feel bad. He saw the Zott Clan members and they were talking about a Silvermasked man. Narsus followed them and saw Silvermask that he met in Ecbatana. He started to slide the rocks by using a lever and got down. Only one girl was alive from the Zott Clan, Narsus fought with Silvermask for a while, then he asked Narsus to serve him, but Narsus refused. Suddenly rocks started to fall and Narsus took the girl and escaped.

After a while, Narsus introduced himself and explained how he dropped those rocks. The girl, who introduced herself as Alfreed, stated that she will accompany Narsus to Peshawar as she has got nothing to do.

Two Princes Edit

While the Lusitanians were about to ambush Prince Arslan and others, Narsus appeared with Kishward and Parsian soldiers on their sides. Kishward killed lots of them and forced the Lusitanians to retreat. Kishward welcomed Arslan and his company to Peshawar.

When they entered Peshawar, the soldiers started to salute the company, but the company was distracted by Narsus and Alfreed. Elam was looking shocked, but Daryun seemed very amused and started to tease Narsus. Gieve stated that even Narsus will fall victim to temptation and said that even though she is rustic, she would surely seem like a blessed flower if encountered upon parched land. Arslan asked Narsus if its true. Narsus stated that they got everything wrong and asked Alfreed to explain. She said that they aren’t officially married, so she is his lover. This shocked the company and Narsus even more. Narsus said that he just saved her when she was getting attacked and tried to avoid further questions. Daryun asked him what he meant by saving, and Narsus told Daryun that the Silvermask appeared and promised to tell him the details later. Bahman and Kishward came and Bahman welcomed Arslan. Kishward stated that the 80,000 soldiers in Peshawar will swear their loyalty to Arslan.

Meeting in Peshawar
The next day, they held a meeting and Bahman stated that they can’t raise an army. He stated that there is nothing to be gained from rushing things, so they shall at least for the new year to attack. Daryun stated that the best decision is to defeat the Lusitanians before they make more damage to Pars but Narsus stopped Daryun and started to tease with Bahman. After Narsus calling him an old coward, Bahman became angry and left the room. But Narsus stated that he pretended to be angry to avoid further questions. After the meeting, Kishward told them that Vahriz sent Bahman a message before the battle, and Bahman has been acting weird since then. Farangis asked him if he knows what was the message about, but Narsus told her that he is no clairvoyant.

The Silvermask had intruded the castle, so Narsus came to protect Arslan. While he was trying to escape, Narsus attacked him and he once again called him an inept painter. Narsus stated that this always angers him and attacked him. Silvermask jumped down but Kishward attacked him and said that he will slay anyone who invades the castle He managed to forced Silvermask back so, he once again jumped down, but Daryun and Narsus confronted him there. While they were fighting, Arslan once again told him to say who he is. The Silvermask stated that he is the son of the previous king Osroes, Hilmes. While everyone was shocked by this, Hilmes defeated Farangis and charged at Arslan, but Bahman protected him by taking the blow on himself. Bahman told Hilmes to withdraw. Daryun came and tried to go after Hilmes, but Bahman stopped him and said that if he kills Hilmes, the bloodline of the royal family of Pars will end. This picked Narsus’ interest, so he started to listen to Bahman’s words. Bahman told Arslan to become a good king and died. Suddenly, a soldier came and reported that a Shinduran force numbering 20 to 30 thousand is breaching the border under the cover of night.



Elam is the son of two slaves that Narsus had freed when he became master of the house. The two slaves in his debt, asked Elam to watch over Narsus and be his personal servant. Elam agreed and has hence forth been serving under Narsus since. Narsus cares very much for Elam which can be shown when he wanted to originally leave Elam in the care of a merchant as to not make Elam fight in a war. This thinking of his was quickly refutted with Elam speaking up about how Narsus can not do anything by himself, Daryun complimenting Elam's skills as an archer, and Prince Arslan asking who would make the meals if Elam was gone. But it is clear to know that Narsus cares very much for the boy and wishes the best for him.


Daryun and Narsus are close friends, even when Narsus was removed from his office. However, Daryun seems to not appreciate Narsus's painting.


In exchange for his loyalty Arslan wants to compensate Narsus handsomely. Not with money nor power, he is willing to - even though he saw Narsus' painting abilities first hand - make him court painter[2], once he becomes the King of Pars [3].

Abilities Edit

Narsus is amazing at swordplay, being capable of taking on multiple enemies at once and defeating all of them. Even though he is a great swordsman, his greatest weapon is his intellect. Narsus is capable of turning every little thing to his advantage. He once defeated three kingdoms that were in an alliance to defeat Pars, without a single soldier, just by spreading gossips to those kingdoms. His intellect made them get to Peshawar without losing any of their comrades. He defeated Rajendra's army easily even though the army was ten times more than theirs. He then forced Rajendra into an alliance with Arslan with his little scheme. Even though Narsus likes drawing a lot, he is very bad at it.


  • Although he is said to be an unskilled painter, his art has never been shown to the viewer, although Daryun and Arslan's annoyed expressions have[4].
  • Kharlan thinks very highly about Narsus intellect and swordsmanship.[5]


  • "Art is eternal. Empires are fleeting! (芸術は永遠、興亡は一瞬? )" [6]
  • "People like him aren’t cruel to pathetic losers like us. (ひねくれ者ゆえ、われわれみじめな敗残者をこばみはしません? )" [7]
  • "It appears that Daryun hates the idea of me having to paint his portrait about as much as he does the idea of dying (ダリューンは、死ぬのもいやだが私に肖像を描かれるのもいやというところらしゅうございますな? )" [8]
  • "{Nihongo|Tell that dog Kharlan that he can eat his rotten meat alone. It is not fit, for the likes of Narsus.|カーラーンの犬めにつたえてもらおう。腐肉はひとりで喰え、ナルサスにはまずすぎる、とな!}} [9]


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