The Solitary Horseman, Part I
Season OVA Episode 5
Kanji 征馬孤影・上
Rōmaji Seiba Kōei: Jo
English The Solitary Horseman, Part I
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The Solitary Horseman, Part I (征馬孤影・下 Seiba Kōei: Jō? ) is the 5th OVA of the OVA Series The Heroic Legend of Arslan Senki.


Arslan's troops face a new enemy in their rear as The Silver Mask tries to recover a symbol of the Parsian Royalty.


Gieve is narrating in a balad the story of the Serpent King and the mythological Parsian King While the parsian troops camp, Arslan receives a important message from the Rajendra : The turan army is moving toward the parsian border. Arslan's party concludes it a true thread but that Rajendra hopes for a counter part in return of his warning, and that they must go back in the east to fight the Turanian before Lusitania take the occasion to attack the Parsian Army. Narsus decides to not hide the retreat from Lusitanian Army. In his tent, Narsus explains to Alfreed the Turan's mentality. The days of the retreat, Narsus states the Lusitanian Army will think the retreat is a trap and will not attack and it indeed happen as Guiscard couldn't issue any orders.
Later, Guiscard went to the cell where Andragoras is kept captive in order to learn information about Hilmes's origin. However, Andragoras suddenly breaks his chain and seize Guiscard, revealing he defined the iron chain with water, before interrogating Guiscard about the military situation.

In the countryside, a warrior who lend a horse to a Parsian messenger draw Falangies's attention, who lead troops to rescues Peshawar before Arslan's arrival. The warrior present himself as the second best warrior of Pars, claiming the best warrior is Daryun. At Peshawar, the turan Army is still attacking the Fortress, and the the besieging force is attack and defeated by Falangies's troops in a fierce battle. They are joined by Arslan and the rest of the Army who cross the Shindurian Border. Back at the Fortress, the warrior reveals his identity as Kubard, to Falangies'astonishment and Daryun's joice who did not know if Kubad had survived the Battle of Atropatene. Arslan isn't sad about being back at Peshawar, as he feels it was the right choice.

Gieve, who was travelling seven days without woman, notices the Silver Mask and his party looking for the residency of the Sword of the legendary Parsian King Qai Hoslo, who beat the Serpent King. In the tomb, Hilmes reassures Xandes that if the serpent king awoken after the sword is taken out, he will dealt will it. They are interrupted by Gieve who taunt the silver Mask after engaging in sword fighting with his men. Hilmes assumes Gieve was sent here by Arslan. As Hilmes take the legendary sword out of the box, the ground begin to move and a crack appears. Hilmes try to strike down Gieve with the sword but it temperature is so hot that he is force to drop it Gieve says the sword burn because the Gods decide Hilmes is not able to rule Pars. Xandes then grab the sword and thrown it into the ground crack, stopping the earthquake. As Hilmes nearly kill Xandes for this, the latter explains the sword could be obtain after the silver Mask's coronation and that there is no need for the Legendary Sword now. The statement convince Hilmes to spare Xandes, and Gieve, pursue by Xandes, manage to flee the tomb. At Peshawar, Narsus finds weird the passivity of the Lusitanian Army at Ecbatana, and Daryun remarks that the Turan has decide to keep besieging the Citadel.


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