The Solitary Horseman, Part II
Season OVA Episode 6
Kanji 征馬孤影・下
Rōmaji Seiba Kōei: Ka
English The Solitary Horseman, Part II
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The Solitary Horseman, Part II (征馬孤影・下 Seiba Kōei: Ka? ) is the 6th OVA of the OVA Series The Heroic Legend of Arslan Senki.


Arslan and Pars still face the Turan invaders targeting Peshawar from the east, while Andragoras is making a daring action in the occupied West.


Andragoras III, after breaking his chains and capturing Guiscard, use the latter as a hostage he will use in his escape and the liberation of his Queen, Tahamine. He mocks and brutalized Guiscard in his way to the Palace of Ecbatana. At the Palace Andragoras present himself with a sword under Guiscard's neck. After being informed of the events, Innocentius VII decide to duel Andragoras. However, when he face him before the beginning of the duel, Innocentius became terrified and loses balance. The show shame the Lusitanian soldiers and Generals who were present, even Guiscard. Soldiers seize Innocentius make him feel a tissue soaked of soporific which make him lose consciousness. Andragoras escapes the palace with Tahamine and his hostage, follow by Lusitanians Cavalrymen. Before passing Ecbatana's gates, he swears to come back. After be away from Ecbatana, Andragoras pushes Guiscard out of the wagon he was, and left him rejoin the allies Calvarymen. At the Turan Army's camp, a Turan General enters and bring news to the Turan King : The Southern Parsian Nobles have raised an army of 100.000 men to come to the rescues of Peshawar after Arslan promises them they would keep their slaves. The General denied the fact Arslan have a great mind, stating it all his action are lead by his Second. The King reward the General for his service.
Later in the Turan camp, Turan Generals assembled and express their discontent that the General who meet the king is always reward, and decide to use Parsian's armor to deal with him. In another meeting, other Turan Leaders heard the news that the Parsian Army is attacking their position sooner than expected, and decide to fight them to prove their courage to the King. The battle soon begin, but its is revealed too late that it not a battle between Parsian and Truan but Turan among themselves; as the casualties are very high, The King orders the execution of the general he earlier promoted. Arslan watches the battlefield while wearing his golden armor, hoping the Turan to retreat. However, Peshawar is again troubled by the arrival of King Andragoras and Tahamine, who finally arrive to Peshawar after his daring escape. Andragoras arrives at the Peshawar palace and threatened Arslan instead of being grateful, as he thinks the latter decide to steal his throne and his status of King. Daryun try to defend Arslan's actions but is order to stop by Arslan himself. Andragoras orders Arslan to go to the southern region of Pars and raise an army of 50.000 that should be loyal to Andragoras, and that he musn't return to the courtil until he finish his task. Andragoras doesn't allow Arslan to visit her mother, and order Daryun and Narsus to remain at his side as he needs them. Kubard visits the Turan General, who was take prisoner after he survived the Turan King's wrath, and tell him Arslan has the potential to become a great ruler in the future after the latter ask why the Parsian chose him as a leader.
The night, as Arslan has leave Peshawar alone, a fire is create in Peshawar's stable and Farangies, Gieve, Elam, Narsus and Daryun use it to escape and join Arslan. They catch him express their will to stay at his side. Arslan, invigorate, looks at the path he will have to follow.


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