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Tahamine Anime

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 36
Status Alive
Country Pars
Hometown Badakhshan
Position Queen
Relatives Andragoras III (current husband)
Osroes V (former husband)
Arslan (adoptive son)
Hilmes (adoptive son/nephew)
Unknown child
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Blonde (OVA Series, 2013 Manga and Anime)
Eye Color Blue
Manga Chapter 1 (2013 Manga)
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Kazuko Yanaga (OVA Series)
Atsuko Tanaka (Anime)
English Deborah Makepeace (OVA Series, Manga Video Version)
Stephanie Young (Anime)

Tahamine (タハミーネ Tahamīne? ) is Arslan's mother and the current queen of the Pars Empire. She currently resides within the capital, not being killed when she was found due to her being courted by Innocentius VII.


Tahamine OVA

Tahamine in the OVA

Tahamine is a beautiful woman long, blonde hair and light blue eyes. Most of her incarnations from the different adaptations depict her in a similar way. On the other hand, she has black hair in the original novel. It is said that her striking beauty was the reason for several nobles to betray and kill each other for her hand.


Tahamine has a cold and distant personality. She rarely speaks to even her husband or her son. As for socialization, Tahamine is hardly seen speaking with anyone other than her maids.

It is shown later that she is very calculating personality. This was noted by Guiscard when his brother, Innocentius VII, said that she would only marry the king if he were to bring back the head of Andragoras.

Despite her seemly interminably phlegmatic attitude, Tahamine has shown to have great love towards her child. The only reason she was obedient towards Andragoras, up to now, was because he kidnapped her child.


Not much is known of Queen Tahamine. There are multiple rumors that fly around about the queens past, many of them may or may not be true. It is said that at first she was betrothed to the Prime Minister of the "Principality of Badakshn" but his master, Prince Keyumars, stole her away. It is then said that the Prime Minister later killed himself because of the affair. Later on, during a war between Badakshn and Pars, the prince threw himself from the tower of the castle because they knew they couldn't win. From there, it is then said that the previous king, Osroes, and his younger brother, Andragoras, had a falling out and fought over Tahamine's hand. The rumors split between King Osroes dying of disease or being assassinated by his brother, but the consensus of the public is that Tahamine brings misfortune to every man involved with her.



The Queen keeps herself strangely distant from Arslan. She has a slight resemblance to the prince with their light complexions and eye color.


The Queen keeps herself strangely distant from Andragoras as well. There are rumors that he either assassinated or killed his own brother for her hand in marriage. Although she hardly shows interest in him, she was shown to be greatly disturbed when she received news that the Lusitanian army had began to expose the heads of Parsian nobles, thinking Andragoras' head may have been showed. A reason why the Queen is so distant to Andragoras is because he may did something to her child.


Not much is known about their real relationship. It was said that Osroes was killed because of a fight he had with his younger brother over Tahamine, but this may not be accurate.

Silver MaskEdit

Upon her capture, Silver Mask is shown to recognize Tahamine. He even goes on to say that she hasn't even changed a bit since they met, calling her a "Damned Monster". This may lead one to believe that the rumors as to why Osroes was killed hold a bit of truth, that being due to Silver Mask's true identity and how he held his father in such a high regard.

Innocentius VIIEdit

Once captured, Tahamine went under judgement of the King of Lusitania. That is when he fell in love with her and decided to allow her to live in order to marry Tahamine. Despite losing the respect and loyalty of his citizens as well as his own brother's protests his choice, Innocentius continues to pursue his marriage with Tahamine. Tahamine later tells him that she will only marry Innocentius if he presents her with the head of Andragoras to which he happily accepts.


Guiscard is highly against the marriage between Tahamine and his older brother. He notices soon after his brother tells him about Tahamine's requirement for their marriage that Tahamine is a very perceptive person, being able to see the antagonism among the upper ranks of Lusitania and proceeds to call her a "sharp eyed vixen".[1]



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