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The Heroic Legend of Arslan

An anime television series based on the Arakawa manga, the second manga adaptation which has been serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine since 2013, premiered on April 5, 2015. The first season had a run of 25 episodes. A second season is set to air in summer of 2016, from July 3 to August 21.

Summary Edit

In the prosperous kingdom of Pars lies the Royal Capital of Ecbatana, a city of splendor and wonder, ruled by the undefeated and fearsome King Andragoras. Arslan is the young and curious prince of Pars who, despite his best efforts, doesn't seem to have what it takes to be a proper king like his father.

At the age of 14, Arslan goes to his first battle and loses everything as the blood-soaked mist of war gives way to scorching flames, bringing him to face the demise of his once glorious kingdom. However, it is Arslan's destiny to be a ruler, and despite the trials that face him, he must now embark on a journey to reclaim his fallen kingdom.

List of episodesEdit

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Japanese staffEdit

  • Director: Noriyuki Abe
  • Series Composition: Makoto Uezu
  • Music: Tarō Iwashiro
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Sound Effects: Yasumasa Koyama
  • Art Director: Tadashi Kudō
  • Action Director: Satoshi Kimura
  • Original creator: Hiromu Arakawa (manga); Yoshiki Tanaka (novel)
  • Character Design: Kazuo Watanabe; Ushio Tazawa

Japanese castEdit

English staff Edit

  • ADR Director: Christopher Bevins
  • Script: Bonny Clinkenbeard
  • ADR Engineer: Dominique French
  • Assistant ADR Director: Jeremy Inman
  • Assistant ADR Engineer: Kevin Ussery

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Openings and Ending themesEdit

Openings Edit

Season 1Edit

  1. "Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai Kore wa Boku-tachi no Kotoba" by UVERworld
  2. "Uzu to Uzu" by NICO Touches the Walls

Season 2Edit

  1. "Tsubasa" by Eir Aoi

Endings Edit

Season 1Edit

  1. "Lapis Lazuli" by Eir Aoi
  2. "One Light" by Kalafina

Season 2Edit

  1. "blaze" by Kalafina



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