Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Dead
Country Pars
Position General, Eran
Relatives Daryun (nephew)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue
Anime Episode 1: The Glory of Ecbatana
Voice Actor
Japanese Masaru Ikeda

Vahriz (ヴァフリーズ) serves as the right-hand man for Andragoras III and swordsmanship instructor for Arslan. He is also the uncle of Daryun. He was the Eran of Pars.

Appearance Edit

Vahriz is a bald old man. He is short in height and is slightly fat. He is bald but has thick white moustache, eyebrows and beard. He is also very strong as he made Daryun bleed with only one punch.


He is a kind and smart man. He is mostly seen formal and serious but can be sarcastic as he made fun of Kishward. He is kind towards Arslan and cares about him greatly. He has been taking care of Arslan since his early childhood, and worries about his future due to his timid nature. His swordsmanship is top notch as the man who manages the Pars army. Everyone was saddened and shocked by his death.

Plot Edit

Ecbatana is Burning Edit

Arslan's practice with Vahriz
Vahriz was dealing with Arslan’s daily swordplay practice but got easily defeated telling that Vahriz is going hard on him but Vahriz stated that it was only the basics and wasn’t considered a real maneuver. After Arslan got dressed, they went on their way to the Queen and Vahriz also lectured him on the importance of swordplay while they were walking.

They found Queen Tahamine on the balcony. She was wishing good luck to the newly appointed soldiers of Pars and the soldiers started to salute her and Arslan. Vahriz waited until Arslan finished talking with the Queen and then, the two of them went to the courtyard. As they entered the courtyard they heard some cries and then Azrael rushed to Arslan, knocking him down. Marzban, Kishward also came near them saying that Azrael likes Arslan more than himself, even though he is its master. After Vahriz teasing him that those birds don’t respect him, gave his report concerning the latest campaign, saying that Pars forces crushed Lusitania and saved their ally, Maryam and the army has returned.

Arslan and Vahriz went to greet King Andragoras and the Marzbans who are returning from the war. The King, called Vahriz and asked him to report all the goings-on during his absence.

3 years passed since then. Arslan had greatly improved his swordsmanship, but still, he couldn’t defeat Vahriz. After their practice ended, a messenger delivered a message to Vahriz, telling that King Andragoras is going to fight against the Lusitanians. After this, Arslan and Vahriz went to the Fields of Atropatene to participate in the battle. Arslan seemed nervous and asked Vahriz if the fog will be a problem, but Vahriz stated that this place is known to them and also the enemy can't see them. A soldier appeared. He said that a problem occurred between the King and Daryun, so they rushed to the king's tent. The king was furious.The king was furious and dismissed Daryun from his post as Marzban, calling him a coward. Lord Vahriz came into the room, punched Daryun and apologised for Daryun’s cocky attitude, trying to calm the King. When they got out, he asked Daryun what does he think about Prince Arslan and made him swear an oath to protect the prince and Daryun did so. The battle was going bad so Vahriz tricked the King into retreating telling him that the Queen is in danger. On their way, they got ambushed by the enemy. Vahriz killed lots of them but got killed by a man wearing a silver mask. It is later revealed that he sent a message about the two princes to his old friend Bahman.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

The 10th day of the Siege of Ecbatana, the Lusitanian Army begin to expose the head of Parsian deads in an attempt to demoralize the defenders. Vahriz's severed head was exposed to Garshasph's shock, along with the heads of Manuchurch and Khayr.

Relationships Edit


He has been taking care of Arslan since his early childhood, and worries about his future due to his timid nature. He always would take the time to teach Arslan, if not for his training Arslan would have died in the battle of Atropatene.


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  • Vahriz was Erān of Pars.[1]


  • "Swear fealty to only Arslan, and no one else." [2]
  • "You lose your charm when you insist that you’re correct."[3]


  1. Great general, kanji reads commander-in-chef.
  2. Vaphreze to Daryun in episode 2.
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