Volume 2
Volume 2 (Arakawa)
Volume 2
General Information
Author Hiromu Arakawa
Page Number 197[1]
Cover Character Daryun
Japanese Information
ISBN 978-4-063950-63-2
Release Date May 9, 2014
English Information
ISBN 978-1-612629-73-5
Release Date February 4, 2015
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Volume 2 is the 2nd volume of the second manga adaptation of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. It is illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa and is based on Yoshiki Tanaka's novel series. This volume covers chapters 5 to 10.

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After escaping the horrors of the battlefield, Arslan takes refuge with Daryun in a mountain retreat belonging to the former lord and genius strategist, Narsus and enlists his assistance in his mission to reclaim his lost kingdom. Meanwhile, the royal capital of Ecbatana is under siege by the Lusitanians and the queen finds herself captured by the mysterious masked figure behind the fall of Pars.[2]

Chapter ListEdit

  1. The King's Generosity (君主の度量 Kunshu no Doryō? )
  2. Arrow of Deliverance (救いの一矢 Sukui no Isshi? )
  3. The Wandering Musician (流浪の楽士 Rurō no Gakushi? )
  4. The Blood-Soaked Gate (血塗れの門 Chimamire no Mon? )
  5. A Wild Party Of Bloodshed (流血の狂宴 Ryūketsu no Kyōen? )
  6. The Captured Queen (囚われの王妃 Toraware no Ōhi? )

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