Volume 3
Volume 3 (Arakawa)
Volume 3
General Information
Author Hiromu Arakawa
Page Number 193[1]
Cover Character Narsus
Japanese Information
ISBN 978-4-063953-07-7
Release Date February 9, 2015
English Information
ISBN 978-16-12629-74-2
Release Date May 12, 2015
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Volume 3 is the 3rd volume of the second manga adaptation of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. It is illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa and is based on Yoshiki Tanaka's novel series. This volume covers chapters 11 to 19.

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Though Arslan and his party have escaped Kharlan’s forces, Kharlan will stop at nothing to capture the former prince of Pars. To draw out Arslan, Kharlan has an underhanded plan to massacre innocent villagers until the prince makes his appearance, but Arslan will not stand idly by while the lives of his people are at stake, so he heads out to take on Kharlan and his army of over one thousand soldiers. Though it may seem like Arslan’s sense of justice is far from strong enough to take on Kharlan’s overwhelming military might, with Narsus’ razor-sharp wit, Daryun’s unmatched prowess as a soldier, Elam’s excellent bow skills, and the help of two new and formidable allies, Arslan has more than a fighting chance to prevail and journey closer to reclaiming his once lost kingdom.[2]

Chapter List Edit

  1. Kharlan Goes to Battle (カーラーンの出陣 Kārān no Shutsujin? )
  2. A Peerless Beauty (絶世の美女 Zetsuyo no Bijo? )
  3. The Traitor Hero (裏切りの英雄 Uragiri no Eiyū? )
  4. The King's Whereabouts (王の行方 Ō no Yukue? )
  5. The Rightful King (正統の王 Seitō no Ō? )
  6. The Love of King Innocentis (イノケンティス王の恋 Inokentisu-Ō no Koi? )
  7. Beneath The Mask (仮面の下 Kamen no Shita? )
  8. Reunion By The Shore (水辺の再会 Mizube no Saikai? )
  9. The Second Prince (二人目の王子 Futari-me no Ōji? )

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