Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive 
Country Pars
Position Marzban
Relatives Kharlan (Father) 
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown (2013 Manga and Anime)
Blond (OVA)
Eye Color Brown
Anime Episode 11
Voice Actor
Japanese Masakazu Morita

Xandes (ザンデ Zande?) is the Son of Pars's Marzban Kharlan and a servant of Hilmes.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair, brown eyes and is sinewy.

Personality Edit

Xandes is very hateful, get angry very quickly and seems to not tolerate incompetence. He is very loyal to Hilmes.

Plot Edit

Road to Peshawar Edit

While Xandes was kneeling, Hilmes thanked him for his father’s good advices and gave his permission to Xandes to defeat Daryun and Arslan.

Xandes found Daryun near Peshawar. He challenged Daryun to a fight. Then attacked Farangis to keep her out of the fight, and attacked Daryun with a giant sword. Farangis killed his horse and Daryun knocked him down.

Daryun vs Xandes
While they were headed to Peshawar, Xandes’s group caught up with them once again. Xandes challenged Daryun to a one-on-one fight, but while they were fighting, a man came out of the ground and attacked him. The sorcerer’s attack made him fell down his horse. While the enemy was about to attack him, Arslan came and saved him. The enemy came out of the ground and attacked Arslan. Arslan fell down from his horse, but Elam caught him before he hit the ground. The enemy once again came to attack Arslan, but after seeing this, Daryun pushed Xandes down, killed everyone on his way and saved Arslan. He the defeated Xandes and he tried to escape. Farangis shot him with an arrow.

Siege of Zabul FortressEdit

Xandes survived the encounter, and at the beginning of the next year he joins Hilmes's Army of Parsians after the latter is task by Guiscard to subdue the rebellious Temple Knights of Bodin. When the troops of 30.000 soldiers arrive at the Fortress of Zabul, the place where the Knights have put up their base, they burn the flag of Yaldaboth in order to draw out the enraged Temple Knights on the field. The Cavalry charge of the Temple Knights is counter by a own charge led by Xandes himself, who cut down several opponents. As Hilmes, Sam and the newly recruited Kubard join the battle, the Knights suffer defeat and forced to retreat inside the Fortress at the end of the days, leaving behind 2.000 of their own dead.
As the Parsian began to besiege the Citadel, Hilmes come to talk with Sam and Kubard at the army's camp. Xandes get angry at Kubard's lack of politeness toward Hilmes and time nearly drag out his sword to respond to that. However, the incident is prevented and Xandes left the two with the Silver Mask. Xandes decides to send soldiers assassinate Kubard for his defiance, without Hilmes's knowledge, but the Marzban quickly cut them down before approaching Peshawar.

Battle of the Keep of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

Xandes and the punitive force return to Ecbatana, where Hilmes is given task by Guiscard to take command of his own Persian force and 70.000 Lusitanian soldiers to beat the Parsian Army at the keep of Saint-Emmanuel while Xandes and Sam will be his seconds in command.

He participates in the battle, where he breaks the first static hours of the battle by leading a Lusitanian Cavalry charge that broke through the Parsian's ranks to later fight Daryun's calvary. Xandes manages to get his troops to Arslan's camp, to find with surprise that the camp is deserted: Arslan being in the true camp, away from the battlefield. Xandes and his men come under fire by Parsian's ballista, and he decides to retreat in order to regroup but he gets blocked on his way by Daryun. A duel begin between the two, and Xandes rebukes Daryun for letting his father, Kharlan, end in being a Lusitanian's lackey.

He reveals his thoughts that Kharlan will be cleared once Hilmes take the throne before Daryun recognizes Xandes' skills. Daryun and Xandes then charge at each other, and Xandes's armor is pierced by Daryun's lance and the latter fall on the ground, losing blood. As Daryun is observing him, he deflects an arrow shot by a magician allied to Hilmes. Before he lends a strike, Daryun saw that both the magician and Xandes have disappeared through the ground.

Relationships Edit

Hilmes Edit

Xandes is very loyal to Hilmes, and trust him as his true ruler.

Kharlan Edit

Xandes cared about his father as he showed hatred to Daryun for killing him.

Daryun Edit

Xandes hate Daryun like no other, thinking he is responsible for his father's fate.

Kubard Edit

Xandes doesn't like Kubard, as the only time they are seen talking Xandes nearly takes out his sword because of lack of Courtesy of Kubard toward Hilmes.

Abilities Edit

Xandes carries a very large sword and stated that he is a great warrior. However, he was easily defeated by Daryun. His true abilities are unknown.

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